My Robot Ears #85

During this time of battle over fan retention a bloggers work becomes evermore difficult. Never mind the weekly inbox onslaught with new music, but the Soundcloud dashboard, Facebook home feed and Twitter feeds. Not to mention any sites your frequent or just happen to come across. Everyone, everyone, has their opinion like an asshole and each an every asshole has unlimited access to new music, often good music. Future Classics. No moral of this storey per say, just an AM semi drunken strewing of words. #MyRobotEars

Forward thinking sounds remain within the top five of our labels to watch. Their roster speak quite loudly for itself being so well in tune with the way undergrounder music sounds today. Hucci Girl, 9FEETOFSMOKE, Lord Boyd all reppin FTS.

Glyph. These Belgians have been know as being Neurofunk producers round these parts. As their free downloads began disappearing from SC they seem to have been taking steps into tribal jungles. The change is good mind you, but fond memories of older works remain. Gran this free while it lasts!

Deep House babe, sexy time. A word of advice, DL all KwikFiks cause it’ll serve you and your boo well from time to tim down the line.

An effortlessly simple edit. “A Structurally Endless Loop” . Even so, this is high contender for track of the day. You decide. #Grime #Jersey

Sliink be all Jersey an he be making all the Jersey standards. If he doesn’t do “Sliink Remix” people might forget though.. Don’t trust them internets kids.