Konrad OldMoney feat. Sleep Steady – Fight Kicks

OKAY KIDS! Today EA Sports lanuched the new UFC2 Video game for your bummy asses. That being said, there are two titles on this game, produced by the Vancouver native, Konrad OldMoney. The acoustic landscape is epic as hell and not many out there can deliver music that makes it to a video game, let alone twice to the same game, and is a pleasure to bump in your speakers all the same. This song is featuring some intense verses by Tacoma’s very own up and commers Sleep Steady. You can duke it out and pretend you’re fit and wouldn’t cry like a little bitch when you get punched in your face, to this wonderful turnup music :) Go out there and challenge your friends. Be a champion!

Give er a listen and stalk these guys. Also, here is a treat. FREE DOWNLOAD !!

Guap. out.