WHIPPED CREAM & tails. at Upstairs Cabaret

I was lucky enough to catch a stacked line-up of home-grown talent at Victoria’s Upstairs Cabaret last Thursday for a hip hop inspired trap & bass show to restore one’s faith in Victoria’s electronic music scene. Openings acts WERK, David Pelvis and BMID kept the place bumping until around 11:00 despite a sparse early crowd, but by 11:30 people were pouring in and that’s when the fun really began.

It was great seeing tails. on stage because till now I’d had him pegged as more of a chilled out, low-fi hip hop producer as per what I’d heard on his Soundcloud. Needless to say he turned up the heat for his set, which retained the bouncy future sound I’ve come to associate with him while also bringing in a host of music I’d never heard before.

On the other hand, I think it’s safe to say that if you haven’t seen Whipped Cream perform live, you haven’t experienced her music. Hers is the kind of dirty, turnt-up vibe perfect for a 1 a.m. headliner, when people are ready to surrender to the dance floor and lose themselves completely. Even better was her unbelievable stage presence. Far from the head-bobbing DJ, Whipped Cream was dancing the entire time, pouring her whole being into the performance. Looking up and watching her, the energy was infectious.

Honourable mention goes to the ladies dressed as sexy clowns (yes, this can be done) who killed it dancing on the PK speakers. Thanks to Munk Culture for organizing the show!