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Whipped Cream steps away from her dominant club vibe for a second in her new Nest HQ Premiered ‘U R Not Alone.’ The track comes from a time in her career of self exploration and a desire to move forward with a positive and productive mindset. The six minute journey is open to all.

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From the safety of her Edits account Whipped Cream continues her onslaught of summer time exposed ear drums. Fan boying JVST SAY YES’ ‘JVST FRIENDS’ EP with Brillz feature and piling some Brick Squad hype onnit for some straigh mash up madness. Then passing it round for the low low price of free.

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Big things poppin, lil things stoppin. Alongside WHIPPED CREAM’s announcement of her performing at this years Center of Gravity the smashing Victorian shares her second collabo with Holly. As per usual, her level of massive surpasses.. itself. POP’N holds within in it’s 3:37 run time, elements of Moombahton, Dubstep, Jersey, Trap, Bmore, and and… It’s just huge. DL is for the free. Im out of breath attempting to put it all into words.

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WHIPPED CREAM & tails. at Upstairs Cabaret

I was lucky enough to catch a stacked line-up of home-grown talent at Victoria’s Upstairs Cabaret last Thursday for a hip hop inspired trap & bass show to restore one’s faith in Victoria’s electronic music scene. Openings acts WERK, David Pelvis and BMID kept the place bumping until around 11:00 despite a sparse early crowd, but by 11:30 people were pouring in and that’s when the fun really began.

It was great seeing tails. on stage because till now I’d had him pegged as more of a chilled out, low-fi hip hop producer as per what I’d heard on his Soundcloud. Needless to say he turned up the heat for his set, which retained the bouncy future sound I’ve come to associate with him while also bringing in a host of music I’d never heard before.

On the other hand, I think it’s safe to say that if you haven’t seen Whipped Cream perform live, you haven’t experienced her music. Hers is the kind of dirty, turnt-up vibe perfect for a 1 a.m. headliner, when people are ready to surrender to the dance floor and lose themselves completely. Even better was her unbelievable stage presence. Far from the head-bobbing DJ, Whipped Cream was dancing the entire time, pouring her whole being into the performance. Looking up and watching her, the energy was infectious.

Honourable mention goes to the ladies dressed as sexy clowns (yes, this can be done) who killed it dancing on the PK speakers. Thanks to Munk Culture for organizing the show!


If for any reason your looking to have your ass handed to you, this is how you should go about it. As Victorias Whipped Cream gets bigger and better known, her productions follow suite. The first of what can be presumed to be an ongoing collabo? is a monster. Just plain abuse. Nest HQ on the premiere.

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These two are the most prolific on the cloud. Hand’s down. It’s constant repost between releases and events. ‘Escalate’ is perfect meld of the two artists weird x sick, it’s Jersey x Vouge meets Industrial.

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Exclusive Playlist: WHIPPED CREAM SELECTS Vol 1

Vancouver Island gyal Whipped Cream is on the up and up. She’s been booking dates steady since her debut at Shambhala 2015 this summer. Her joining the CAPS LOCK CREW hasn’t hindered anything either, nor the steady list of collab productions since her membership there. Her output is non stop, plain and simple, keeping her trajectory in a steep upward direction. To add to it all we’ve paired up with her for a bi-monthly, semi reg playlist curation. In Vol 1 you get plenty of Trap, Beat & Bedroom, and Bassy House n’ Dance. And a couple of mixes for good measure.
Artwork coming soon.

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Premiere: Mr. Probz – Waves (Whipped Cream Edit)

On the iPod of ever other chick Mr. Probz Nov 13 chart topper can be found. The producers of the Netherlands seem to have a number of formulas that circle around within the country and regularly spill out into the mainstream. Formulas good to the point of not being able to escape the music unless you avoid the demographic you want to lay entirely. It’s just not worth it, you have to pick your battles. And how bad can engineered actually be? Pretty bad actually, just pick your battles. On the latest flip of a track that has just as well or better in remix, Vancouver islands Whipped Cream up stepped the dreamy, sandy beach envisioning track into a higher bpm Bmore x Jersey clubber. Perhaps a happy medium in the struggle of adapting to chick music or top 40 where less wanted. Free on the DL.

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Premiere: OG Maco – U Guessed It (WHIPPED CREAM Edit)

Continuing not one, but two rolls with this premiere is the Vancouver island gurl steady reppin all the game. Miss Whipped Cream releases a second solo production after a slew collaborations with artists from all corners of the web. Simultaneously steady rolling our week of lean worthy exclusives by remixing OG Marco’s light and gritty hit single into a straight trippy Trap x Juke hybrid. Free download for the masses in exchange for a follow. Bitch you guessed it.

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