Premiere: Mr. Probz – Waves (Whipped Cream Edit)

On the iPod of ever other chick Mr. Probz Nov 13 chart topper can be found. The producers of the Netherlands seem to have a number of formulas that circle around within the country and regularly spill out into the mainstream. Formulas good to the point of not being able to escape the music unless you avoid the demographic you want to lay entirely. It’s just not worth it, you have to pick your battles. And how bad can engineered actually be? Pretty bad actually, just pick your battles. On the latest flip of a track that has just as well or better in remix, Vancouver islands Whipped Cream up stepped the dreamy, sandy beach envisioning track into a higher bpm Bmore x Jersey clubber. Perhaps a happy medium in the struggle of adapting to chick music or top 40 where less wanted. Free on the DL.

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