Ofelia K – Bad Boys

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.59.05 AM

One of my favorite newly discovered singers is back. (I’ve sang her praises before) and she goes by the name Ofelia K. With a song name that would normally bring us 80’s babies back to the golden era of the 90’s…(I will let y’all figure that one out) This song pretty much builds the entire way through. Which is a nice change from many of the songs I receive all day. Sometimes it’s good to switch up the structure of a song, just make sure to do it properly. Thank you miss Ofelia K  for making my coffee lacking morning livable. This right here is a great example of pop music done properly. Enjoy kids. “Bad Boys”

BTW, Ofelia, if you are reading this, I am totally a bad boy. My mom thinks I am cool and I have many skills. Napoleon Dynamite amount of skills. And I once saved a baby from a house fire. (that last one was a lie but it shows how much I want to impress you)

Guap. Out.