R.LUM.R – Frustrated

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 12.42.22 AM

It says a lot about a song when I read the name of the group or artist and I am like, WTF is THIS SHIT?! How the fuck am I supposed to figure out , the fuck this means. …the fuck? and I’m rightfully annoyed yo. Like, its late. it’s one am and this mutherfucker making me think and shit. trying to solve some goddamn name puzzle. rlumr or whtaever the fuck. i literally got mad while writing this. But I like this shit man. This song is good. There is no doubt about it. So ima post some sideways love on here. you go girl. you go… oh and it just dawned on me. the name of the damn song is “frustrated” further driving the point home that this guy is on some annoying artsy shit fuckin wit my mind fam.

Guap. Out.