LABS – Hold Slow

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 6.34.50 PM

You wouldn’t believe what I am doing right now. I am under a fucking PALM TREE, with my feet in a hottub, basking in the sun, and “working” by writing about songs. Fuck the babyboomer generation talking about offices and how you gotta wear a suit and tie. I am one step away from being in a manthong bananahammock, with women over 50 looking at my embarassingly small bulge and I am happy as can be. No office. No tie. No mortgage payment cos the market is shit these days in Vancouver. Anyways, enough about my woes. Check out Victoria’s very own LABS. Homegirl got pipes and homeboy got skills. Oh and catch LABS performing at Tall Tree Music Festival on July 2nd and Rock of the Woods on July 22nd because there is a good chance you go out and do stuff. As opposed to me, who doesn’t do stuff.

Guap. Out.