KAPTAN – Numbers

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.54.51 PM

There is just something special about good chill pop friendly music. You can do almost any activity to it. Today I put on this new Kaptan single and defrosted my chicken that I got at the market, cut some veggies and pretended to have my life together. Then I fucked up by making a decaf coffee and thus reminding myself of just how horribly I’ve spun out of control with my health. I look like a goddamn pear with hairy legs. I’m like a middle aged pear left in the sun a little long yo!! And I have a laptop hipster hunch… If I were any taller, I would have this little belly and gangly arms, lookin like fuckin’ Grover from sesame street. Anyhoo, Kaptan is cool and has a mustache and looks like a well groomed logger’s son. I can only imagine the amount of women and men throwing their panties his way as sings on a stage made of fresh cut pine.

Guap. Out.