Dawid Kwiatkowski “Say Yes” prod. Konrad OldMoney


So I am browsing around on the ol’ YouTube and I see Konrad OldMoney in a title pop up on my screen on the right. Being a fan already, I’m like, well shit, what is this?! Because I see his name next to some long Eastern European name Dawid Kwiatkowski. (no idea how to pronounce that) Anyhoo, I also look at the views and this shit got like, close to a hundred thousand views in a matter of a few hours. So now my curiosity peaks and I decide to give the video a chance. Look out Canadian Bieber!! Polish Bieber is coming for you!! Get your swag coach! Tell him you gotta go to Poland and see what the fuck goes on over there! But really though, this is tight. Production is great, singing is great, lyrics are great. Sometimes I get down with the pop shit yo. That’s just how it is. If you don’t like it, click further and sip your fuckin’ latte.Guap. Out.