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Thurxday – Goodie

Some funky dope vibey shit for you from South Korea. Not the North. I would LOVE to get a song from North Korea just to see what is going on over there… Imagine!!! like, SUPREME LEADER THEME SONG! But I digress. This shit comes from the land of tall buildings and no fuckin around.

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Enock – Ten99

Yoooo the fuckin’ rhythms on this. YES.

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Major Minor x Aerborn – Smokers and Jokers

Woke up kinda drunk today. Gonna be a wavy day cos I am feelin’ fuckin’ waaavvyyy as fucc. This song represents how I would LOVE to feel right now but as soon as I sat down to suck back a dozen espressos and write my stupid little posts where my opinion matters not, I got the spins. The lines on this art don’t fuckin help.

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ZeniF – Bliss [FTP016]

Some video game style ish for you kiddos today. I dig it.

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Francis Novotny – Between The Lines

THIS SHIT here here!!! is a really really great marriage of soul and street cool. The drums knock, the song isn’t perfect. It just is exactly enough of each thing. Really raw. Raw as my nether regions during that really blurry moment in college.

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Maxwell Ranger – Blinded

This is flames yo. I love music with a good headnod factor and proper subject matter. This is real shit. This is hood. This is what needs to happen in music. I just want to fucking whip out my airhorn yo.

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F||L||Y – Kiko

Normally I don’t post any trap anything unless it’s something really special or I am feeling some type of way. Well today is one of those days. I will let you decide which ones ya hamsters.

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The Chainsmokers – The One (Audio)

I don’t really understand why there is a bit of hate on for Chainsmokers’ approach to production and songwriting. So because someone figured out what works for them, what their fans like, what they want to hear, and they do it consistently, we should hate them for it? Mutherfuckers out there bitching about “oh I miss the old eminem why can’t he just do the thing he does so well that  we liked?”. I sense a bit of envy from what I think, are most likely, pimply faced producers who are writers for stupid little blogs who never popped the fuck off with their craft. And now they’re jumping on their keyboard being warriors trying to tear into someone they wish they were. Well fuck all that. I like these guys’ music, I enjoy their writing and I like them as humans. The dreamkillers can catch a fat one. I have heard all sorts of different genre executions from these guys over the years and as far as their musical chops go, I don’t think many people can really stand next to them without getting schooled. Do your homework you lil’ bloggers, dig back into a catalogue of an artist before you make stupid clickbait posts on your garbage social media. Now that my rant is over, a few words about this song. This one is a easy listening one that has a bit of a constant build up until the very end. I could see this being synced to movies and commercials for sure. Some slow mo shots and shit like that.

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Antra – Gone

The vocal chops on this are just so fuckin’ vibey yo. I remember hearing that old Flume shit that I wish was still happening in terms of acoustic treatment and structure. This shit has some grit and life to it. Feels slightly drunk and detuned and oddly enough soulful as hell. I want to just do a bunch of drugs in the hot sun to this and ride around on a bike much too small for me, in circles, slowly.

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