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AkiMi – ChiLL Tempo <3

This new mix from Vancouver’s own AkiMi takes you through the Silk Road of deep space, layering Eastern instrumentals with seductive vocals in an astral evocation of vibrating sound.

Richelle Akimi Yoshida is the quintessential dreamer, the gypsy spin weaver. This elegant purveyor of the ethereal mix fuses a deep bass fixation with contemplative & elevating sensibilities. Richelle’s initial roots are in the Kootenays, where she pulled her original influences from Shambhala’s early years, spurred on by sets from female artists like Lion-S & Ana Sia. Her intrinsic love of underground dance music has driven her to procure her own set of turntables, setting out to deliver a unique dose of bass therapy in both club & festival environments.

Catch her Thursday set at this year’s Shambhala Music Festival at the Living Room stage, and don’t forget to pick up your free downloads on her Soundcloud.

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