Profiling: Lord Boyd

It is with great pleasure I present to you the first of F U T U R E C L A S S I C S ‘Profiling’ interview series. The format is simple and potentially revealing. Hopefully you will all find this to be an entertaining series.

Ghost in the Phantom is a single release via Forward Thinking Sounds, whom you should like on Facebook. Original artwork by TYAN, whom you should also like on Facebook.

One positive thing…about life is that it ends and then you won’t have to think about it anymore

The thing I love…nothing. i’m dead inside.

Yes it’s true… happiness is a illusion

Fighting for… solidarity among the socialists

Money makes…alot of people insane and/or miserable

I’m constantly…criticizing myself and the things i make

If everyone knew…everyone, they’d probably be more empathic

I collect…cool-looking old cameras i dont use because they dont make the film anymore

Sex is… pretty much the best thing you can do

A few years ago…i was a few years younger

I always wanted…to steal a cop’s gun

The number one… jukebox in new jersey

One of the problems… facing the world today is there’s not enough love, man

We all have…a special purpose

People wanted me…to roll over and die

There is no limit to…what you can accomplish when you believe in your dreams

The only thing on TV…is breaking bad

When the time comes… I will be ready for the end-times

What happens in… between the time you cough and when your eyes stop watering

I’m lucky…I was born white and affluent

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