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BUDDYX being one of the more unique Soundcloud finds in some time made it an easy decision to set up an interview. You will find, as I did, that BUDDYX is very much on a cool tip (I mean this is the best possible way). Humor and music are the best ways to create bonds with people and you will get a clean dose of both with this interview. His musical interests ranging further than most would care to admit no doubt have shaped an uncommon style providing him with an edge for the unsuspecting Soundcloud digger. Check him on the internet. He’ll be posted up on the internet. #GetFamiliar

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Give us an intro plz.
wussup i’m buddyx from new york city, 23 years old, chillin’

What do you know about Sea Punk? Do you consider yourself a Sea Punk artist?
nah not at all, i started listening to unicorn kid around 2-3 years ago & seapunks got a really nostalgic sound to it, i think thats what attracted me to it, i think its awesome but i definitely don’t think i’m seapunk haha i wish, that’d be cool cause then i could color my hair blue or some shit & my 15 year long addiction to lisa frank would be warranted without being laughed at, you know?

Pulling from your Facebook, you’ve grown up in the Queensbridge Houses. Pretty famous place around the world now. Curious to know how recognized the area is for producing such influential musicians and if there are many residents exploring music these days.
there’s always music there, there’s alot of stupid shit out there but, i guess if you’re there, its all you know, you know? it was cool i dont think i’d choose to growup anywhere else if i had a choice, it was cool growing up there, i’m pretty proud not just about nas being from QB but roxanne shante, marley marl and so on

I was really happy to see Jackson siblings listed under influences of your Facebook page cause there seemed to be a lick of r&b feel to your music. What genres influenced you most growing up?
my parents listened to r&b and hip hop – faith evans, mary j blige, nas, biggie, anita baker so i grew up hearing that but i wanted to find genres of my own when i was like 11 and shit
so i started listening to like liz phair, third eye blind, lenny kravitz, alot of shit that was on vh1 in the late 90s, when that black model roshumba with the fade was hosting the countdown & back then i just thought like nickelback & those types of groups were saying like the most profound shit haha

Can you name an artist or a few that you listen to these days, that you consider influential to you?
i’m really influenced by tears for fears, backstreet boys, aesop rock, beastie boys, ub40, which all kinda remind me of new york city aside from bsb and i’ve been listening to crystal castles, purity ring & sky ferreira alot lately

What is an average day in the life of Buddy X like?
get up, scratch my balls, then probably mix, produce or write something, hate it all, sob gently, then do it again

You have a favourite food or place you can turn people on to?
vanessas dumplings in the lower east side, on eldridge, best place, sesame pancake with ham & eggs & a mango smoothie all under 5 dollars, really awesome shit

Back in your studio. What are your music machines? Are you a software guy?
i use abelton and sonar & adobe audition 3 for the vocals, i’m a lowkey computer nerd defenitely

How often is it your voice that we’re listening to in your recordings?
lately i’ve been collabing with a friend from the UK named gus/chalices of the past – really awesome dude, so it’s been pretty split in half, i’ll send him some vocals & i’ll get them back & honestly wont know if it’s me singing on the song or not haha
but everything previous to about a month or 2 ago was completely me singing

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Does Stevie Wonder get on your nerves?
yeah i don’t know why, he does though, i don’t think anyone in my family really likes him, we don’t know him but any time he’s on awards shows we usually switch the channel, him donnie & marie osmond, carrie fisher & so on, i dont know

Who would your dream collaboration be with and why? Would you collabo with Stevie?
probably unicorn kid, i was feeling his shit before but when i heard his remix for “i’m on one” by drake/jimmy i was just like wow i don’t even fucking like drake/jimmy like that but he made me a fan
i don’t think i would collaborate with stevie wonder, i respect his artistry alot but i think i’d rather collaborate with ray from that tv show sister/sister than him to be honest

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Where are you looking to take your music in the next 3 – 5? Do you have an end game in mind or is this a passion project?
i wanna work with the people i look up to, not necessarily whoevers popular at the time, i wanna continue to have awesome live shows & eventually make a proper album, proper tour, proper promo for it all, proper proper proper
i’ve been in music one way or another since i’ve been in 3rd grade so it’s kinda instilled in me

Thanks for talking the time, much appreciated. Words of wisdom you’d like to add?
man thanks for the questions, really cool, shoutout to you, shoutout to stevie wonder, shoutout to joy behar, hit me up soundcloud.com/buddy-x/ dasbuddyx@gmail.com
seacrest out!

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