Juke Ellington Interview


Producing comes with it’s own set of problems, like parenting for example. There’s a relentless hunger that needs to be satisfied quickly, regularly, and appeased with a level of quality, that if you want to keep things nappy, you best keep up with or surpass. One man, or two, depending on how you want to look at it is feeding the people by shovel load weekly if not daily. Juke Ellington aka Paris Trillton:

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Yo man, thank you for coming through. Can you lead this with an intro?
Hi Worrrrlld , I’am Juke Ellington aka Paris Trillton. I’am From Belgium , I am a dj & a producer, I produce Juke , Footwork , Trap music, Love beats, i like every kind of music, but Electronic music is my shit.

Per week, how much time do you spend looking for new music on average?
I spend +- 5 hours by day on Soundcloud, and I spend same time on my productions too.

Top 3 sources for new music:
If you wanna ear some new music, Check some collective, life #TOMCREW , STYLSS, RAW RECORDS, they are some of my best inspiration.

European tour is in your sights for 2013. What do you know about Europe’s fondness for Juke and sounds you make?
In europe Juke is in the beginning, Dubstep or minimal music is more appreciated, not many people knows this music’s vibe, but I make everything all day for The Juke Rules :D

How’s working in a DJ collective?
It’s really great to work with a dj collective, to make collabs with artists from all over the world, and for travel too. I love to work with guys from others cities or countries.

Which collectives do you currently belong to?

They are my teams, they are my family! Check them!

Anonymity in #TRVP / EDM. Opinion on the every growing number of faceless producers? For? Against? Impartial?
At first, I’d chosen to be an anonymous name to, Paris Trillton. But after a while I decide to tell everyone “Juke Ellington is Paris Trillton.” It’s cool to work anonymously, cuz you can see if people like your sound not just for your name.

Why do you choose to give so much of your music away for free?
I would put every track for free, but some peeps want to release my tunes on Juno or itunes, but free music is my shit. I spend my time on my tunes, but music is not just a biznez. If I need money, I have gigs. I just pref to give my tunes away for free.

Following that I have to ask (feel free to be as vague as you like here), are you making your living with music?
I’ve made my living with music since I started doing it. No “job” at the moment, but I play every week. 3 or 4 gigs a week. It’s really great to live with the music, i liiikfe dat.

And following that. How much of your time is spent weekly, or daily, making music? It really feels like your drop something new daily.
I spend 5 hours or + by day on my tunes. Per week I spend 40 hours on my programs :D ahaha

You must have developed a serious workflow, I would image. You an Ableton duder?
No no, I use Fruity loops & Reason. Never use ableton, but I do need to know that program :D

I’m tired now. It’s 3AM. Any shouts or thanks you’d like to sign off with?
Thank you for all that love and that support from all over the world, from japan dudes, and friends from my team. It’s amazing to see all that love, really <3

Where’s the best place for peeps to keep up with the every steady workflow of Juke Ellington?
On my motherfuckin soundcloud :D Juke Ellington
and on my Facebook Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Juke-Ellington/102647849823405

OH! And what’s next?
Ahha, preped some remix’s recently, I’ve finish the Flosstradamus remix, an official Bjork Remix to, some Kaptain Cadillac remix’s, and other surprises soon. Some Ep’s and my first Lp due in the middle of the year

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