Heartbeat(s) Interview

markus_10012012 Twenty twelve saw many advancements in human technology and culture. Amidst all the leaps and bounds further into human evolution there was one significant loss. The internet way havers, the LOL Boys, announced a hiatus with no forseebale end in sight for many months to come. With the geographical gap between the boys in mind, this seems a logical move. They do say after all that long distance relationships never work..

Here we, and he (Heartbeat(s) of course) offer some insight into the Canadian half of said LOL Boys, both in nature and future.

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What brought you from Montreal to Vancouver? Mountains or music? Presumably you already had connections to the city prior to the move.

I just had this notion that Vancouver would be a great place to live. And that it would give me inspiration. The scenery and the weather were a big factor. Vancouver is warmer than Montreal. And after living there and Chicago, I was ready for a warmer winter. I also do know a few people here. Mainly, Matt from Expendable Youth.

Now that your here and your Soundcloud location says Vancouver (which is the detail that makes any move official), what has been the best aspect of the city for you?

I live in the west end and I can see the mountains from my apartment and I can walk down to the beach. Vancouver is extremely beautiful place. Just enjoying that every day.

Found any especially good places to eat?

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to check out much. I’ve got a list though and I hope to know more soon. I am open to any suggestions. I tend to like more vegetarian focused cuisine. I did have some awesome mac and cheese and fried pickles at the Rumpus Room.

Sucks that the Waldorf has closed hey. The food cart festival they had was cray cray. Thoughts on that? The Waldorf closing I mean.

The waldorf was one of my favorite experiences before moving to Vancouver. I was also working with Mygayhusband on a party there called “Rapture” and I started enjoying the place. There was some excellent event curation and the place as a venue was great because it had this comfort level. I mean, you could easily tell someone to come and they would because it was 3 rooms and it wasn’t completely a night club and wasn’t a dive bar.

I also have this strong belief that Vancouver doesn’t need anymore condos. The city already feels like it’s 80% condo’s. One thing I can say from living in many places that a city has to hold on to it’s culture. It has to nurture it’s artistic community. Other wise it will lose their creative and talented people. I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that creativity and culture is a draw to a city. That’s not to say there isn’t other fine venues in the city, it’s just a warning sign.

And so, what keeps you busy besides making music. Do you collect like, old tea containers, or china elephants? Pottery perhaps?

Since, I moved here I’ve started playing video games a lot more. I also do a lot of cooking and am going to work on home brewing beer.

And back to music, can you clarify as to whether or not this is a hiatus or a split of the LOL Boys? Things are easily misconstrued in the webs of the internet and both words are floating about.

We’re on an indefinite hiatus. You never know, you might see us do a tour of Asia in the future. However, we are really focusing on doing our own things.

When asked “How would you say the sound of Heartbeat(s) differs from LOL Boys?” , in your Discobelle interview, you answered “…there will always be similarities and remnants in all my productions.” What directions are you currently exploring that would take you furthest away from LOL Boys experiments and productions?

Now, that I am working solo I am starting to slowly build to a more hardware focused sound. That’s something we couldn’t do in LOL Boys because we didn’t live in the same city. I guess another aspect is I tend to be a bit darker in my productions. With the LOL Boys their was this great sense of duality. East Coast meets West Coast or whatever. His production ideas and style meets mine. However, when I released the first few solo tracks people said that it still sounded very similar to LOL Boys so my answer in that discobelle interview was to reflect on that issue.

Can you speak to the future plans of Heartbeat(s)?

I’ve been slowly collecting a bunch of hardware and plan a live set. The first ep I am finishing is going to be a release on this cassette tape label. The tracks on there are going to be a bit different than my previous soundcloud freebies. They are a lot more influenced by my favorite Chicago house and Detroit techno records. I have a couple of EPs planned after that as well. I am being a bit slower because I am keeping in mind the live set idea when I produce.

I’ve noticed your also a member of the Boomclap Soundcrew, back in Montreal/ What’s Boomclap all about and what’s your role in the crew?

Boomclap was the brainchild of my friends and I. We were all enjoying the same music and saw a void in the Montreal scene for what we wanted. We basically took over this dive bar every friday and threw a party. We carefully planned the visuals and the vibe as well as curated fantastic ahead of the curve bookings. The party was called boomclap. After a while the party grew a significant amount of hype and Sinjin Hawke, Azamat B, and I started to get booked as Boomclap Soundcrew for other events around the city because we were the rotating support djs for the party and people enjoyed the music. So, we were playing together, back to back as one dj unit. So, I was just one of the 3 djs. Sometimes, It would be just Azamat and I. After Sinjin moved to Barcelona we also got our visual guy djing as well, he’s Skunch aka Martyn Bootyspoon.

It was a really fun time and we got to play igloo fest and Picnik Electronik.

Were you a member of this crew before or during LOL Boys, or, is this a new project for you?

This was all going on during LOL Boys but LOL Boys happened way before Boomclap Soundcrew. I did do one production as Boomclap Soundcrew. Which was a remix on the Raggo Flame EP.
Right now we are all in different cities. But I am thinking of starting a similar thing in Vancouver.

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Any other internet bridged collabs going on with you?

I am working with Cameron Reed aka Babe Rainbow on an experimental beat based productions. I am also planning other collaborations.

I like to think of myself as a fashion designer and Heartbeat(s) is one of my diffusion lines. So, I might start a few other production aliases as well.

What’s the best platform for peeps to keep up with the goings on of Heartbeat(s)?

Twitter: @mmarkusss, Facebook: /heartbeatssounds

Unfortunately, I’ve been terrible with my social media the last few months as i’ve been getting settled.

Shouts, cudo’s, thanks?

Matt & Jimmy Expendable Youth, Jason Mygayhusband, Tyler Fedchuck, Liam and Shawn from 314, Hxdb, and everyone else who’s made Vancouver nice since I’ve moved here.

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