Shambhala Music Festival 2014, Aug 8 – 11

It’s official, we are indeed knee deep in festival season. There’s under one month until BC’s infamous forest nestled, BPM top five 2014 festivals to watch list, home away from home, independent festival returns. Located at the Salmo River Ranch just north of the American border in BC’s interior with all the natural beauty of the provinces Southern Interior and climate. Being as long lasting as Shambhala has there is a culture of it’s own surrounding it. Surrounding and extending it’s culture and influence through western Canada to DJ’s, producers and musicians of all walks alike year round has had profound impact on the culture of the coast. August 8-11th the festival returns to shape the community and provide a home away from home party escape for thousands of Electronic goers and connoisseurs.

Tickets are still available on their website and from many local retails BC & Alberta wide.

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