Shambhala 2014 with Whipped Cream


Being what it is, Shambhala is a landmark career note for producers and DJ’s alike of the local variety. Who would turn down the opportunity to perform before your friends, family, province, your coast? A right of passing even, one many aspire towards. The following words from Vancouver Island based Whipped Cream touch on what Shambhala instills those on the front line scene trenches encircling the festival for the remaining 361 days on the West Coast of Bass.

Which stage speaks most to you, and why?
This year I spent the majority of my time at the The AMPhitheatre stage, in my books it had the best bookings this year. Lot’s of the soul guys that haven’t peaked yet, the future sound, alot of Hip Hop and soul shit, so vibeeeyy. I loved it and danced the hardest and lowest there .

The Village as well, anytime a soul wants to go hard as fuck thats the stage to go too, they had some tight bookings as always as well. Had a great time at that beach stage on Friday Afternoon. Mat The Alien threw down the sickest day time set, FUCK it was good – And Sunday the Pagoda had me in another world, Justin Martin had the best set of the whole weekend (Falcons close behind).

And last but not least I can never leave the Fractal Forest. It’s not always my music of choice thats playing but it’s just the over all everything of it. For layout and vibe that stage is my favourite. Trop Killaz killed it there (we neeed more hip hop vibes up in that stage) ;) ;)

How does Shambhala stand out from the festival pack?
Shambhala creates a different feeling the majority of all festivals world wide. When you are at Shambhala it feels as if you are almost all sharing the same mind space, there are the most caring heartfelt music loving people on the planet at Shambhala. Really there is not words to describe it, it’s just a feeling you feel, a way of life, and an inspiration to keep living that way once your off the ranch. Shambhala creates an inhuman amount of music addicts and its a huge boost to all the artists because when somebody hears a set on a magical ranch in the mountains they are compelled to religiously follow that artist.

Does the festival influence the scene round you during the remainder of the year?
It definitely influences the music direction year round because it opens peoples minds! I remember before going to my first year believing I didn’t like some types of music, I just never listened to them, but after going to this festival I had a huge awakening and am forever grateful that I learned to appreciate every single genre of music. I will always respect the music, because the music is art, and that comes from another humans soul.

Does Shambhala motivate you for the remainder of the year?
MAN! Coming home from a festival is the most exciting thing for me, I must say I am still a raging fire ball of energy. For a week straight on the come down from Shambhala I was in my bed room for 10 hours a day making music… There was no if’s or but’s or want’s to go outside. There still really isn’t. I’m inspired to make music more than ever.

What makes Shambhala special?
People call this place home and honestly, yah, it’s really fucking nice to be around all like minded loving people who are there for the music, I mean thats why I do this, to connect with other people. Theres nothing like it.. I get chills thinking about it.

When can we expect #YungHeadliner to perform? Care to call out a year? Me and my close friends all held on hoping that we might get a last minute call on playing till literally the morning of leaving for the farm lol. I really wanted to play this year, but it didn’t happen. Honestly tho being there and having so many beautiful people come up to me asking if I was playing this year, finding out I wasn’t, then have them re-assure me I would be booked next year.. That was humbling enough. So my based gawds 2015 bass lords, 2015v xoxoxoxo x

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