#FCMV55 | A LiveEvil Mix By Kutcorners + Marvel

Within the Vancouver scene The Freshest have thrived. A group of forward thinking, on point with the current likeminded DJ’s and producers that have cut themselves a large slice of the city’s scene. The slice of non stop production of successful events has paved the way for much of current trends and styles as they are today. Additionally providing a platform for members Kutcorners & Marvel to take their live performances to cross country, and even cross continent status. Only to further the high quality standards of The Freshest.

Volume 55 is special not only by the artists providing, but also the debut of the pairs newly named project, Live Evil. Kutcorners & Marvel have been making waves with their live production videos (below), but this may just be the affirmation of things and endeavours to come. Moves are being made. Listen, love, and FOLLOW Live Evil.

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