DLOW – Do It Like Me (VINNIE X PawS Remix)

Hey children. Guess what!? I got a dope trap song fromVINNIE x Paws and its FREEEEE!!

Just click HERE

Now that you have your song and you are still reading, here is a little info about it. It’s a remix of the youtube viral diddy “DLOW – Do It Like Me”.

This here, is a perfect 6 am, right before you take your 3 legged dog for a walk type  of song. I dig it. Often times I just don’t really get impressed by Trap cos the shit is too recycled nowadays but when a Trap song has character, I will support it. When I used to dj at a strip club, songs like these made my girls money. Shouts out to slutty energy and Vinnie and Paws.


Guap. Out.