NAWAS – So Low

You want to know what originality sounds like? Well fear not kids! I got you once again!


These Nashville transplants / Louisiana natives are making noise in the circles of majors as well as indies and random fans such as my weird ass self. You know what they’re doing right? (that so many of you musicians are just NOT doing and sending me submissions, only to be cut down with a comment like, “yo why the hell did it take you a minute and a half to get to something catchy and strong!?”) THE SONG STARTS STRONG!! AS STRONG AS MY FATHER’S HANDS! As soon as you click play you’ll know what I am talking about. Dope simple synth and drum intro that jumps right into the hook. You see kids, this is good songwriting. I am definitely going to be keeping an eyeball and ear out.

Shouts out to the producer Sainte and songwriter Luke Foley. Great work fellas.

Guap. Out