Rain Man – Bring Back The Summer (INSTRUM Remix) ft. Oly

Remember Rain Man’s split with Krewella? Remember that? hey?

Weeeelllll that is long over and homie is doing the music thing again!!

AND the good lad INSTRUM just laced up this wavy remix of “Bring Back The Summer”  feat. Oly and it’s fuckin’ badass. The track really takes a crazy compositional step near the last quarter as well. I am a fan of this dude’s production. He is pushing that extra 10 percent on the track and I can hear it.  Make sure to go here and VOTE AND SUPPORT. http://bit.ly/1MVnim7

Yes this does make a difference, and yes you count . you are a snowflake. you are special and your hair is like the ocean. – but really though, the artists we appreciate need our support, so all these extra few seconds to click here and there, make all their countless years of clicking on other things to bring us these songs, worth it.

Guap. Out