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Michael Brock – Scorpio (8prn Remix)

Soothing House is just what the doctor ordered today. Prescription filled by Vancouver’s & Chapel Sound‘s & Jellyfish Recordings & ASL Singles Club‘s Project Pablo. Official remix by way of Hybridity Music.

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King Krule – Heartbeat(s) & 8prn Remixes

Well these two are certainly hombres. Together, but separately the two #Vancouver based producers moved on renowned ginger, Archy Marshall aka King Krule. Heartbeat(s) takes to the drums many have come to know and love the LOL Boys for. A truly necessary addition to any winter wonderland playlist. Whereas 8prn took to a more House approach, retaining more vocals and riddling 808’s throughout. Listen on.

Look into ASL Singles Club.

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Heartbeat(s) x 8prn – Wait

Two #Vancouver sweethearts have paired. It’s cute. It’s not love but it is R&B in a non traditional sense. Moreso the kind of R&B that the RBMA warned us about, the kind we should’t call R&B.

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8prn – Cunha EP

Mmm. The latest addition to the already dreary and enthrawling repetoir from #Vancouver producer 8prn. Now, this name has been making calculated rounds, and there is no need for any individual or collective to be unknowing of 8prn. Get your fucking lifes together and listen beans if you have yet to do so.

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Beyonce – Crazy In Luv (8prn Remix)

artworks-000046264245-60gqdm-original 8prn has been so top shelf with his remix’s. Crazy In Luv will induce chills.
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8prn – Over It EP

artworks-000040890203-hp1n3f-original Fuck man. If the below post wasn’t enough a mind meld and ear cum, then, this EP will be. Experimental to the fullest while retaining a deep, dark, trap drum core. ‘Over It’ is a shining example of the level and creativity and skill thriving in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Gang Signs – LA on Monday (8PRN remix)

artworks-000041046336-6zofbu-original Big time into the dark in which this 8PRN character encompasses his music in.
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Evy Jane – Nothing So Great (8PRN Bootleg)

artworks-000035668966-o4wwkw-t500x500 8PRN is awesome, doin it from Vancouver.
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