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95 Royale Interview

Originally posted on Schitz Popinov

*All tracks have alternate download links in description.

Every once and a while something really good lands in your inbox and get’s you thanking whatever it is you give thanks to for free music and simitaniously blessing the internet. As was the case last week when 95 Royale hit us up.
He’s a young cat making good noise. Fill your earballs and get aquatinted ::

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Thanks for taking the time. Much appreciated.
I’ve been looking around and there isn’t much info on you at the moment. You’ve got a Beatport account, appearances here and there on Youtube and blogs but that’s about it. Oh! and a gmail.

Haha I made that Beatport account because I thought I might be able to track sales from records but turns out you cannot.

How old are you?

17 and just finishing off school in Brisbane.

Just finished off highschool? Or..

Still in highschool as we speak but next year I’ll be out. Got about 3 or 4 weeks to go.

Are you just a studio artist? Do you DJ and play out at all?

Hmm, I always loved doing mashups and promoting them around the internet. Although I can, I don’t DJ at all at the moment, once I hit 18 I’m to join the arcade creative of Brisbane who know a place or two to DJ ; )

On that note, what are you producing with?

I use Ableton along with a half decent pair of headphones. Just love the fact that nowadays anybody can produce a reasonably sounding song with only a small laptop.

How long have you been making music and what got you started?

Oh I’ve loved house music ever since I was 13, couldn’t get enough of that filtered 80′s/90′s sound but never knew what it was called. When I hit 16 I found french house and shortly after I found the super secret ingredient used, sampling.

What resources did you use to learn in the beginning? Manuals, video tutorials, schooling or trial error?

At the start I was making mashups with virtual Dj, that helped me a lot with basic beatmatching and things just being in tune. Over this phase I had developed a small knowledge of DAW’s but didn’t know too much of how to use them. ‘Ableton Live’ was the most familiar one of the lot so I took to that one. I asked around the suburb and found a guy who knew his shit when it came to ableton so I paid for some tutoring. Later he introduced me to sampling and we began work from there. After about 8 or so sessions I had a solid grip of what I wanted to make and how to make it.

How much has your music developed since you started? Were you always making French House and Disco?

I went to an Ableton tutor planning to make some electro tunes but he showed me french house and I’d always loved it, I could just never ask anybody how to classify that 80′s sounding, but modern, song. But yeah I used to give mashups a crack. The first french house I made I never released because it was so bad, eventually I got the hang of it after finding a nice sample for ‘Now That’s Good’, sending it to Nick Redux and collaborating with him. 4Disco took a like to it and released it for me.

You have a great ear and sense of sound. Who have been the artists that you listened to giving you the inspiration to delve into French House? Did you ever listen to Mint Royale? Your music really takes me back to Mint Royale.

I have never heard of Mint Royale unfortunately . I just loved that 00′s feeling of music, it wasn’t perfect mastering, the mixing wasn’t perfect but those samples and kickdrum went together like milk n cookies. I usually give the answers that everyone gives for influences (cassius, daft punk) but here are some unorthodox answers: Poka, Kill The Noise (Yes he makes some french house!), cabin crew, tzesar.

What plans do you have for the future? Give us a heads up on the forthcoming.

Yep as I said before when I’m 18 i’ll be doing some performances and maybe one or two for now while im 17. Got MASSIVE plans with Tyler Touche, we have a killer sample in stock for you. I’v attached a Daft Punk Remix I’v almost finished. Cut off the 2nd chorus just to annoy everybody.

If you could have any super power what would it be?

To be able to talk to penguins. i fucking love penguins.

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