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Premiere: Lil Wayne – Bitches Love Me (Filthy Romeo Remix)

Hot on the heals of the Lil Wayne & Young Thug “beef” Vancouver based duo Filthy Romeo add one to the fire. One of Wayne’s better tracks as his career began to decent, basically as soon as he took up skateboarding. But let’s not forget his music up to that point, like Wizzy Khalifa his prime was before his success. And compared to Young Thugs year of most features, Lil Wayne’s year of features lyrically surpassed in huge strides. Baring these things in mind, just enjoy a little revitalization of a very quashed on career. Filthy Romeo = Konrad Old Money & Unkle Ricky.

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Gil Scott Heron – Song Of The Wind (Filthy Romeo Remix)

Another Vancouver name of the prowl in the Electronic music world. Coffe shop producing globe trotting duo, Filthy Romeo. Word is there was a good summer view out the window during the session in which the Gil remix came about.

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Lil Wayne – Bitches Love Me (Filthy Romeo Remix)

‘Bitches Love Me’ is the pinnacle of Lil Wayne’s lyrical trashiness. It’s the song that finally did him in as pond scum in my book. But the hook was solid to the point that it kept itself as a slice of merica in my life, even to this day. With this remix, without going into the full triangle of who’s who, I’ll just say that #Vancouver producers Filthy Romeo have themselves some durty Trap habbits. Download HERE.

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