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Stylust Beats – R.Y.F.S.O The Remix Album

Stylust never fails to release new material before BC’s summer festival season, a sure way to keep people locked and giving them all something new to look forward to on a PK system. And now we can all look forward to his personal representation of the West Coast Bass music scene being amplified by the newly launched Sleeveless Records, who the R.Y.F.S.O The Remix Album is brought into the world by. Speaker knockers from all corners have converged on the release leaving a stunted listener with a piece of every bass derivative to choose from to bruk out to on repeat. Listen listen.

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Mat The Alien Interview

Augusts end brought about the first annual Aurora Festival in northern Alberta’s Grande Prairie. An exciting new addition to the ever expanding city’s nightlife. The event featured two nights, one Hip Hop / Rap, one Electronic. Unfortunately the city and venue, for safety concerns cancelled one night, forcing the promoter to move to another venue last minute.. These things happen and festival carried on regardless, thankfully. BC’ / the UK’s / Space’s Mat The Alien was one of the performers and we caught some words with him on the subject of festivals and his own goings on.

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Hello sir, thank you for finding the time. How has your summer been?
Amazing, it was hot and sunny for the most part which is always good so I got to do lots of mountain biking and hanging out with the family in between all the festivals

How was your Shambhala this year? Any notable changes in the event this year?
Shambhala was amazing as always really good atmosphere to perform in and the sound systems and stages just get crazier every year. It’s fun looking out and seeing people who have been to and booked you for shows all over the country.

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2013 makes it how many Shambhala’s for you?
I’ve lost count but think it’s 12 , I missed 1 when we had our boy ET.

Which festivals have you played / do you have left to play this season?
So far SOnic Bloom in Colorado , Connect in Regina , BassCoast , Shambhala , Rock Of the Woods , Piknic Electonic, Aurora. And coming up U4eyeahh and another US one.

All these festivals work well into your love for traveling #Factoid . What you do love most about travelling?
It’s all fun, especially festivals when you get to see lots of friends and see the best spots in town and eat at the good places. Only bad part is the lack of sleep.

As an abed traveler you are no stranger to Alberta’s North town of Grande Prairie are you?
Yeah I’ve been coming up there for a while now and seen the scene build over the years. There’s always a fun appreciative crowd and good local DJs and promoters making it happen.

On the subject of Aurora Fest (in Grande Prairie AB) , it feels as though the two day festival is a prime example of the sprawl of electronic music and festivals. The Northness of Grande Prairie playing a large part in this impression being lent. I’d love to hear your thoughts on electronic musics growth, and the festivals cultures follow suite.
I think its good the music is getting out there faster and further a field . Years ago you had to be in major city’s to have the record shops with the new music to be able to stay on top of it and now people anywhere in the world can heard all the latest music and styles emerging.

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To the best of your knowledge do festivals generally go the way the are supposed to on the first year? In terms of logistics, scheduling and venue?
It’s usually a 3 year building type of thing, people have fun at the first one then the next year come back with their friends and word just starts to spread by word of mouth.

Is Alberta a place non familiar to electronic music in your experience?
No, Calgary has been at the forefront of electronic music with the biggest sound systems PK! and promoters bringing the best newest acts in town town on a regular basis , same with Edmonton
then with the festivals lots of people from Alberta attend and go home then start throwing shows in smaller towns like Lethbridge , Medicine hat , Whitecourt , Red Deer.

Do you like and or use the term EDM?
Not really. I like what flying lotus said theta genres just limit musics creative potential. I play lots of beats these days and I don’t know or want to know what genre they are but they’re just really good.

For those who missed it, what was your Aurora Fest set about?
Had fun out there, just dropped a bunch of bits that I’m feeling these days and combine that with some scratches and stuff.

What or who’s sounds have you been feeling this summer?
So many really , I’m always checking all kind of people but really liking what Om Unit , and An-Ten-Nae are doing these days.

What is forthcoming from Mat The Alien /&+ your label, Really Good Recordings.
The next release is from Albertas Drifts , the current one is vancouvers Self Evident and just continue with more canadian underground music releases of many genres and styles.

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