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Mohegan S☀n Interview

Rather than be all hype or repetitious with facts to try and suade you into thinking what I’m think is good, I’d like let the music of Mohegan S☀n speak for itself. If your down with what you hear you’ll continue to read and learn what’s forthcoming from Mohegan S☀n.
His style? Juke, Jersey, Experimental.. Just good electronica. #GetFamiliar.

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Are you a real Mohegan? An Algonquian speaker? I mean to ask how and why you decided on your moniker.

I was studying the plight of the native americans at st johns university (ex-home of the Red Men) – u know how americans killed over 20 million indians in less than 100 yrs x shit

we had to write a report on a tribe and I chose the mohegan/mohican tribe or ‘wolf tribe’ from ny. I ended up finding more google info about ‘mohegan sun’ the casino than the fckin mohegan people lol

right around the same time
I was learning about how most of doctrines of the catholic church r rooted in the primitive pagan worship of the sun.

the son of god is actually the god of the sun

so yea lol the irony

And just out of curiosity, since this is a Canadian blog, where in Canada were you born?

ha that was a typo somewhere deep in the internet. I’m actually from plainfield, new jersey

I got family in nova scotia tho

Can you tell me something about your musical background?

I’ve been listening to jersey club since I was like 11. its just called ‘club’ over there lol there arent even any clubs to go to haha

the internet opened me up to juke x house x other bass stuff

I spent a nice chunk of my childhood playing games like final fantasy, kingdom hearts, zelda, resident evil, pokemon (to name a few)

so you can hear the little sprinkles of basement x internet x hit points in everything I do

How easy was it to get a hold of the “jersey/philly/bmore club tracks” that you’d listen to back in the day?

pre-soundcloud was pretty rough. reminiscing right now about after school l-rides to newark for exxxxcclluussive cds lolll

If one song could represent your childhood what would it be and why?

booman – watch out for the big girls
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_xzOk0w3qU&w=560&h=50]

If you hadn’t started making music what do you think you’d be up to?

actually makin money or somethin

How did you start producing in the first place?

started bullshitting mash ups and djing on virtual dj when I was 14. moved properly to ableton for production when I was 16 and I can mix on w/e now (serato, traktor, cds, vinyl, etc.)

I got made fun of constantly which kept me going

What excites you most about the sounds/genres your working with?

most ppl find it annoying that a tune or ep gets old in a month but I think its beautiful. I have such a short attention span so this way I’m never bored

Name one recent release that you’d like to remix:

rabit – terminator ep…. o wait

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So, tell me about your track on Full Service Allstars Vol. 1 Out on Fancy Restaurant Records. How’d that all come together?

full service was the 1st party I ever played earlier in january (a big ass s/o to jerry jones, jack inslee x wrech teck)

they just recently put me on as a resident and so that super smash bros/jersey club homage was a lil sample of my gratitude

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You got anything coming from Ben Aqua’s #FEELINGS? Are you able to disclose?

:) (# Mohegan Son – Lips EP #) (:

droppin spring 2013

What are your plans / projects for the next few months?

aside from a few appearances on compilations, I’m working on EPs for soukouch ethnik and freshmore, a collab EP for b yrslf, a collab EP for lftf, x an adorable 2 track for the homies at paradisiaca

Any closing statements?

thx 4 this

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[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/41005528″ iframe=”true” /]

A Moment For: Mohegan S☀n

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[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/66033973″ iframe=”true” /]
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/33197007″ iframe=”true” /]
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/41005528″ iframe=”true” /]

*Tracks have DL links in descriptions. FYI