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T Pain – Buy You A Drank (Show Clothes Remix)

Ever since the homie KAMM introduced Show Clothes it’s been nothing but up and up for the Chicago based Tropical master. I for one was thinking T-Pain had peaked when we all heard him sing for real. Obviously it could go the other way entirely, but, fan I’ve never been. And leave it to a remix to sway one back in the other direction of your feelings on an artist.. Disconnected ramble end, just listen and love.

And in the spirit of boo caressing music you should also get in on his Mariah flip.

Show Clothes – Facebook | Soundcloud

Jeremih – Birthday Sex (Show Clothes Remix)

Groan not, Show Clothes has made the overplayed into an all new dance floor ready feeler. File under House or into your equivalent of my “bedroom boo” playlist. You say you want passion, I think you found it.

Show Clothes – Facebook | Soundcloud

Estelle – American Boy (Show Clothes Remix)

As a lingering fan of Kanye, ‘American Boy’ remains one of my least favourite features of his. Though as culturally significant as many others it was just too pop than I have often cared to venture. Supposably that makes me a hipster. A point to note though is that Electronica isn’t what it is now and New Disco had not been created (to my knowledge of the time). Thankfully we are where we are now and spin like Chicago’s Show Clothes can indeed be spun. So do the re-up with a chillen twisten then cop the DL.

Show Clothes – Facebook | Soundcloud