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The Hood Internet – Magic Adventure (Future x T.I. x Clicks & Whistles)

artworks-000042374851-oby6jy-original Oh boy. What more can anyone say about The Hood Internet? Their talent is proven time and time and time again. #GoodShitNonStop #InternetLegends
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The Hood Internet – While I’m Different (2 Chainz x STRFKR)

artworks-000041614491-dgxbe4-original The production of I’m Different and most of the productions of Stat Fucker are things I can’t jive with. I’m Different was too sharp and lacking a full sound in some way. Where as Star Fucker just needed black guy mids..
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The Hood Internet – Nnormal Sshame (Freddie Gibbs x Javelin)

artworks-000040140693-rvhloi-original It ain’t gotta be the walk of shame baby. The best Hood Internet mash in recent memory right here.
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The Hood Internet – 212-PARADISE (Azealia Banks x YACHT)

I was i the 212. You a coolaid dude.
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