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Premiere: Volknor – Eternal Snow

Our last encounter with Detroits Ethan Garcia sounded like this, an impertive remix needed for Ye’s, super personal ‘Only One’ featuring the last bobble head worthy greats of music, and Ri Ri. Two months, and what feels like an entire winter later Volknor has re-appeared. Bearing a five track EP, a child of love. His taking to reclusion has payed off in a way that just plain bursts out into the world again. ‘Eternal Snow’ is the second track off the self release entitled ‘The Blue Spirit’ . File under Future.

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Premiere: Kanye West – Only One feat. Paul McCartney (Volknor Remix)

The follow up to ‘Yeezus’ has been staved off by singles and production credits for nearly a year now. In a suprise drop this past December Ye released a personal song about his daughter North West. All keys, no drums, and the ever so tear jerking auto tune sangin’. Kim says it makes her cry every time she listens to it, which sounds like a lot :'( On the flip side of the fame pyramid Detroit based Ethan Garcia aka Volknor stripped it of much of the personal lyrics making a tad more workable into what is now, frankly, a future banger. Drums and heavy synth work bring it out of KKW’s cold dead eyes and into the earbuds of the populus. The only thing better in the original is how black Kanye says “smile” .

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