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Sasha – Baja (Wigzen ReVision)

In terms of archives my early on collection is mostly CD’s. From the times I would sift through CD stores massive alphabetical sections. S always being a safe bet on a couple of finds. Nu metal and all things similar as per allmusic.com’s all knowing similar artists section were what those times were about. The electronic of the 90’s was just border-lining my musical interest at the time. So when Wigzen call out a throwback like ‘Baja’ it has me ponderin. Well verse in music history to look back to DJ Sasha for a revision? How deep does the record crate go? #ProgressiveZen

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Premier: Falty DL – For Karme (Wigzen ReVision)

A distinct memory of mine from an all time favourite musician, JFKeeler of MSTRKRFT & DFA1979, saying the only real difference between genres is the drums. His say so stood out early on and has been in mind ever since. Another could not have engrained the point better. And only a few others could make this known with their music than Wigzen. Talk about a switch up, from Trap percussion to Caribbean / Tropical in one simple swoop. Listen to the original HERE for all the similarities and differences. Then get the download for free courtesy of Wigzen and crew @ FC.

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Coldplay – Midnight (Salda & Wigzen Remix)

The trait of workaholism is something I’ve genuinely come to admire over the years. Dedication, consistency, persistence, ambition all meeting and ongoing is an amazing thing. Under his second solo moniker, Wigzen continues to carve himself a corner of Electronica by expanding on the music of the past few decades. Not often does he even venture into collaboration under his solo projects, but the pair of columbians managed to make something special out of Coldplay. It’s chill and House, a little tropical and indeed a soothing listen. Ch-check it.

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Premier: Lapalux – Gold (Wigzen ReVision)

Our repoire with the Blunt Sinatras has been a long standing one. Even longer so with highly prolific half Moduloktopus, aka, Wigzen. Under the new moniker geared towards explorations in varying degrees of House music this Boston producer is exploring all kinds of new visions. All oh which have been garnering plenty of support via exclusive drops like this. Follow and befriend.

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Pharrell – Marilyn Monroe (Wigzen ReVision)

Every other day something left field comes from a something that was forecasted to a T 100%. Pharrell Williams G I R L dropped, remixes were expected yes, what with all the heat on him and more Daft Punk collaborations. The left field in this senario is that Moduloktopus, also one half of The Blunt Sinatras, with whom we have an exclusive dropping with shorty, decided to debut his new House oriented alias, Wigzen. Of course nothing will be entirely House from Wigzen, but funky revisions are on the way non the less.

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