The Chainsmokers – #SELFIE

The Chainsmokers are tearing 2k14 a new one in a big way. It’s like that side butthole American Apparel ad, except with Dim Mak and better looking. This is their FIRST Original production believe it or not. Grab up a copy HERE. The guys were good enough to include a few facts about the making of the video:

1) Every time we asked someone special for a #SELFIE they said yes, but then said they would send us one later like it was some chore, when all they had to do was turn their phone around on the device they were texting us from….
2) About 15% of the submissions we got from ppl involved Nudity
3) About 5% involved animals
4) #Selfie was named word of the year in the USA and The Netherlands…
5) Drew’s loves describing the taste of water in different cities.
6) Shower Pressure is very important to Alex

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