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Video: Felix Cartal – Something To Live For feat. Nikki Yanofsky

Okay, so this is more pop/festival than I care to go on this site. But! Vancouver natives do have a place here. That, AND this video has a few really good things going for it. 1) The one take concept. 2) It’s pretty funny that guy texted through the whole shoot. It’s laugh out loud when he splits the couple right off the bat. 3) I love seeing Vancouver on film, and when it’s openly playing itself it’s even better. Neighbourhoods here really are eye candy. 4) The making of shot during earns points.

*Please don’t comment on this unless you know of ‘Montreal Dream’s‘ or Felix’s early on Ashlee Simpson remix.

Felix Cartal – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Video: KALIBO – Take Me

The best new New Disco cat to come out Raincouver, Kalibo, has just released his first video. To the new single? ‘Take Me’ , a couple seemingly worlds apart struggle communicating with one-another, even through a Ragu pasta dinner. Though the end has resolve for the couple the viewer is lead to believe there is a third party involved. Great video, great apartment location.

Kalibo – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

Video: Billon – Special feat. Maxine Ashley

Mandatory post. Bum, nails did in bed and MC Hammer pants on a ski do in a pool, and much much more. Something special.

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Ink Midget – Blackouts EP

Prominent Canadian label King Deluxe Records continues it’s roll to the forefront of Electronic music. Starting as somewhat an experimental label has been making is expansion on the specturm with gradual calculated strides. One such genre encompassing producer verse in Future Bass is Bratislava’s Ink Midget. Sporting the latest release from the label and their most recent music video written and directed by Andrej Kolenčík.

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Video: Young Braised – Life Is Good

Motherfuckin rawness. Be real with Vancouver & 1080p rapper Young Braised as he rips around on his Segway over a Porch, only to later have in commandeered by a gentleman better age suited to cruise on one. Much respect for being a safe helmet wearing, speed limit abiding samaritan dawg. Dawg.

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Video: P3CULIAR – Wicked

Comparing ‘Wicked’ from NYC based P3CULIAR to the artist sounds of the early thousands artists Ladytron, Yelle and lo-fi-fnk all come to mind. A more grown, even co-ordinated precense is felt compared to the second and third names mentioned. Large synth waves are the common ground. The “Role-Play” album released by Casete Records in Latin America & Europe, and Kin Kon Records in the US contains traces of New Disco, Electro, House & Moombahton. A lil something for many an Electronic lover.

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Low Pros – EP1

One of the many admirable characteristics of A-Trak is his listing all producers in the immediate credits of any given trak. Case in point, EP1 from his collaborative project with Hip Hop / Rap all star producer Lex Luger. As well as listing a good half of Raps comes ups on the features, what looks to be ALL the producers are there. Looking at you Diplo, are the rumors true? With EP1 out to the world for free download there is now room for Cam’ron & A-Tracks ‘Federal Reserve’ EP to hit. #FoolsGoldOnPoint

Low Pros (A-Trak & Lex Luger)

Video: Segilola – Somewhere Along The Line

Not only is today the tenth birthday of Facebook, but this day also marks the 24th release from King Deluxe Records. London’s Segilola has moved to push the new EP ‘Somewhere Along The Line’ with her video to the title Bambooman produced track, an uncommonly non digitally animated King Deluxe video. Direction from silent tapes made the video wonderfully soft and fluid, to both the vocals and production.

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The Chainsmokers – #SELFIE

The Chainsmokers are tearing 2k14 a new one in a big way. It’s like that side butthole American Apparel ad, except with Dim Mak and better looking. This is their FIRST Original production believe it or not. Grab up a copy HERE. The guys were good enough to include a few facts about the making of the video:

1) Every time we asked someone special for a #SELFIE they said yes, but then said they would send us one later like it was some chore, when all they had to do was turn their phone around on the device they were texting us from….
2) About 15% of the submissions we got from ppl involved Nudity
3) About 5% involved animals
4) #Selfie was named word of the year in the USA and The Netherlands…
5) Drew’s loves describing the taste of water in different cities.
6) Shower Pressure is very important to Alex

The Chainsmokers – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Neak – XIII

Neak is a Chicago rapper, not to be confused with LVL rapper Neako. Neak’s 5th project ‘XIII’ is to serve as a precursor for his album ‘Paura/Amore’ due out in the Spring of this year. It’s crazy to think a full album is a precursor. The concept leads me to believe Neak is on somewhat of a prolific tip. ‘XIII’ being seventeen tracks in length holds so many genres, all put on quite fluidly by Neak. I went in expecting lot’s of new Trap (which there is some of), but when early 90’s esq. sample beats were followed by Latin Jazz type’s like A.M.N.R. I was sold on his versatility. Hip Hop heads will be pleasantly surprised in the variety offered with this album.

‘XIII’ saw it’s own release party on the 24 of Jan. Peep game the video for the amount of live instruments present.

Neak- Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Video: CONCLΔVE – Ocean Star (feat. Luxe Calip)

Philippine producer CONCLΔVE shares his newest video for ‘Ocean Star’ . The track is to be included in his forthcoming ‘CONCLΔVE LP’ under ‘Phantasma Disques‘ , Due February 28th, 2014. There will be feature seven more original productions with two accompanying remixes. Hopefully we can expect the project to be a full body not unlike ‘Ocean Star’ .

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The Freshest Live Set 5.0 feat. Kutcorners & Marvel

In the fifth edition The Freshest members took to a 24 spliced edit. Their live sets, continue to draw mass appeal as the live Rap / Hip Hop & R&B continue’s to be flawlessly remixed and re-imagined. 5.0 saw it’s release through Okay Future along with an interview.

The Freshest – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Website