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Zeo Zeonardo – My Face

You already Grime is hard, but how often does it get dummy hard? Zeo Zeonardo or just Zeo is a relatively new name to be known. So itd be nice if we got some time in before his face gets dummied. Though after just listening to ‘My Face’ Id be in no hurry to run in. Its Friday night though, and this is hands down the best track to get dumb rowdy with.

Got you with the bonus free DL below to help along the get to know ;)

Zeo Zeonardo – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Barzo – You

Going off the thumbnail I was convinced this was going to be another boppin Rap video. But no, it’s a damn fire funky house beat. Im going to go out on a limb and say Barzo is currently on par with the level where we all fell in love with Sweater Beats. Check it, and definetly do the follow thing for Barzo rn, while the train has plenty of room.

Barzo – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Cashy Kesh Dolla – Who You Wanna Be

Miami Rapper Cashy Kesh Dolla has today released his visuals for the first track off of his one year old ‘Holographic Art‘ EP via Mishka. A personal favourite of mine. Cashy Kesh so often is able to lock down a new visually trippy location to suite his own vibe. This time Cashy appears in an art gallery, also repping that Coogie. Gfxkid on the cut.

Cashy Kesh Dolla – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

A.CHAL – Round Whippin’

One year after the single made it’s debut we are finally graced with the visuals to the intoxicating ‘Round Whippin’ ‘ . A.CHAL spends his time California dreaming a late night cruise during a late night trip directed by Max Vatblé. Really though, this track was never in need of visuals. The push comes ahead of his debut album ‘Welcome To GAZI,’ A.CHAL will also make his first live appearances this month – Day N Night Festival + “Show Es Gratis” 3 free shows sponsored by Pigeons & Planes in NYC, Toronto and LA.

A.CHAL – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

DEEPHEAD – Luckiest Number

Back with a new single and official video accompaniment come Montreal’s DEEPHEAD on hella diamonds. The duo appears in Chinatown for an off night Karaoke night. The beat, which is one of the most wavy of recent memory, puts the whole experience together with a hugely “dope” atmosphere, for lack of a better word. Keep and ear ball on these two and do the follow thing for sure.

DEEPHEAD – Soundcloud

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Video: Klyne – Don’t Stop

From THOTy to hottie is basically how this one goes. Girly does her own thing, gets spotted and ends up sharing the throne with her suiter and so on. Director Holly Blakey played out a very tasteful, provocative, and entertaining video in the end for Klyne of the Netherlands. This video also breaks down the barrier of cranking down in the mirror ;)

Klyne – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Live Evil – Future Evil

Vancouver’s most heat Live Evil return alongside codine crazy Future. A full four remixes dedicated to the Trap star in the duo’s strip it all down and build it back up again re-constructing fashion. Featuring the big one’s like ‘Honest’ and ‘Move That Dope’ plus ‘Shit’ and ‘Magic’ . All offered up as freeizms with the added plus plus bonus of free instrumentals of all four Trap nasty re-constructs. All with an extra added bonus bonus of Kutcorners spinning the tracks together to completely round out the release with the medium that brought Live Evil into the light.

Live Evil – Facebook | Soundcloud

Video: Soonbe – Tanuki (She Said)

Dark new visuals in from mysterioso Soonbe. Featuring a well cut ritualistic edit of she. With the lyrics in type of all the things she said.

Soonbe – Youtube

Video: Kenny Gourmet – With The Tide

Local Vancouverite Kenny Gourmet is gearing up for his new album. Ahead of its release and following a track featuring Matt Brevner, ‘Villain‘ a few months back, comes the first of the new record. Backed by Vancouver’s again own N.D.T., Kenny delivers a no pun intended wavy, nonchalant cool tide flow, about what you could say is the lifestyle of a Vancouver rapper. “From late studio nights to linking up with the homies past midnight on week days.” Free download over on Bandcamp.

Kenny Gourmet – Bandcamp |Facebook | Twitter