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The Chainsmokers – Paris

Okay so this is totally fucked you guys. My girlfriend went to Paris not a long time ago and I was like, okay you are going with your friends and you don’t want me to go because I don’t like snails and I think eating bone marrow out of a cut up femur roasted in an oven is a little fucked. ( They do that, the French..) She leaves and I am LOVING LIFE. So much freedom, no nagging ! It’s fuckin heaven! So one morning at 4 pm, I log into my youtube account, still in my jammies, and look at these fucking parkour fails as a way to get myself ready for another day out there in the world, when on my sidebar a suggestion comes  up. Chainsmokers… So I’m like, alright alright I will listen to this before I get DESTROYED with remix submissions and I end up  not liking the original. The song is about paris but I don’t think this was filmed there. Unless I am just really fuckin mistaken about Paris. In which case, I would be pissed, cos I wanna romp around with some hussy on beaches amongst palm trees. Justy sayin.

Guap. Out.

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Guappy Video Playlist

guappy-playlistHeya kids! Normally I’m like, fuck a video. Most videos are so trash and I really could care less. But people submit em to me anyways, so I put aside a few deserving ones here and decided to share them with you for you to enjoy.

SLEEPY TOM – Distant Future feat Dirty Radio

First one here is a groovy lil’ number “Distant Future” by Sleepy Tom and Dirty Radio. I’ve been following Dirty Radio for many years now and I dig their progress and evolution in sound. See how I used the word Groovy? I’m bringin’ it back baby!

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Tigermonkey – Zooby Doo feat. Majestic, Fatman Scoop & General Levy

HOW FUCKING DOPE IS LAZER CAT COVER ART?! Also , just listen to this song and TRY and tell me you didn’t bop around like a fucking idiot. This is amazing. I love both Fatman Scoop and General Levy. Can’t wait to spin this record live.



Okay when I first heard this I was like, haha this shit is mad funny. I can’t post this but then the hook is so dope and he actually has some flow here… then I decided that it would be unGuappy of me to not post it if I actually ended up taking a liking to the song. Because the fuckin’ man right chea posts whatever he fucking wants yo! Anyways, I hit his publicist like, yo yeah I will post this shit, it’s a funny parody track. His peoples enlightened me to the fact that homie will be coming out with more originals so I am actually looking forward to it.

Captain Cuts – Love Like We Used To (Official Lyric Video) ft. Nateur

This is by far the best lyric video I have seen so far. The song is dope too. Some emotional dance shit for you jerry curl wearin’ pimps out there. Oh and padded shoulders on leisure suits. Can’t forget those.

Captain Cuts

The Chainsmokers “Setting Fires” feat Xylo

I like the Chainsmokers. They built some shit. Can’t really say much for the video’s creativity here as I don’t think it’s anything wild. It is however a better than normal lyric video. This seems to be working for the boys and keeps their fans singing their lyrics so I’ma support it. I do hope however that they don’t get trapped in the lyric video K-hole and instead let their fans make some of the upcoming ones on some bootleg shit.

The Chainsmokers

Okay I am going to go in search of some smoked cheese since it is lunch time where I am currently at. Which is in a faraway land in the mountains somewhere. Last night I got chased by a goddamn wild boar. No joke… hope you enjoyed the little video discovery adventure, kids!

Guap Out

KC Lavon – Middle feat. Melrose

KC Lavon out of Houston just came out with visuals from the 6th track off ‘The Loop.’ Featuring and shot by Melrose ‘Middle’ is a way laid back easy to get along with track. Bonus point for the edit being on point.

KC Lavon – Soundcloud | Twitter

Melrose – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Noga Erez – Dance While You Shoot

Can’t say enough good about this track. Production, lyrics, visuals. Pure underground bass with message from Tel Aviv’s Noga Erez. Stream on and do the get to know.

Noga Erez – Soundcloud

Def Haven – Fallen Solitude

New distorted visuals from Seattle based Def Haven. ‘Fallen Solitude’ is the second track from the four track ‘Deep Waters’ EP and the first to receive visual treatment. Check the full release after the jump.

Def Haven – Soundcloud | Twitter

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Zeo Zeonardo – My Face

You already Grime is hard, but how often does it get dummy hard? Zeo Zeonardo or just Zeo is a relatively new name to be known. So itd be nice if we got some time in before his face gets dummied. Though after just listening to ‘My Face’ Id be in no hurry to run in. Its Friday night though, and this is hands down the best track to get dumb rowdy with.

Got you with the bonus free DL below to help along the get to know ;)

Zeo Zeonardo – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Barzo – You

Going off the thumbnail I was convinced this was going to be another boppin Rap video. But no, it’s a damn fire funky house beat. Im going to go out on a limb and say Barzo is currently on par with the level where we all fell in love with Sweater Beats. Check it, and definetly do the follow thing for Barzo rn, while the train has plenty of room.

Barzo – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Cashy Kesh Dolla – Who You Wanna Be

Miami Rapper Cashy Kesh Dolla has today released his visuals for the first track off of his one year old ‘Holographic Art‘ EP via Mishka. A personal favourite of mine. Cashy Kesh so often is able to lock down a new visually trippy location to suite his own vibe. This time Cashy appears in an art gallery, also repping that Coogie. Gfxkid on the cut.

Cashy Kesh Dolla – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

A.CHAL – Round Whippin’

One year after the single made it’s debut we are finally graced with the visuals to the intoxicating ‘Round Whippin’ ‘ . A.CHAL spends his time California dreaming a late night cruise during a late night trip directed by Max Vatblé. Really though, this track was never in need of visuals. The push comes ahead of his debut album ‘Welcome To GAZI,’ A.CHAL will also make his first live appearances this month – Day N Night Festival + “Show Es Gratis” 3 free shows sponsored by Pigeons & Planes in NYC, Toronto and LA.

A.CHAL – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter