Pegboard Nerds – Just like That feat. Johnny Graves

Songs that open with “Good morning” always end up in the “Morning Banger” playlist. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s just polite, which is the apologetic Canadian way. Sorry Canada. This collabo of Denmarks Pegboard Nerds and Victoria’s 17yo Johnny Graves along with the help of Konrad Oldmoney’s producerial / engineering / songwrity fancyness talent, doesn’t just bang out in the morning playlist, or for it’s duration, but also in its release being for one of the better and most affecting causes of today. All proceeds of the release are being donated to F*CK CANCER in support of breast cancer early detection, prevention and support.

So, for one you should be supporting BC Boy in his rise to the top, and for two, for the lives of many.

Seacrest out.

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