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Johnny Gr4ves – Say Yes (Prod. Konrad OldMoney)


Good morning kiddos! Today we bring  you a nice lil tropical dance jammyjam. 17 year old Victoria BC high schooler Johnny Gr4ves ripping up the ballads and much older and gripey old man with skills Konrad OldMoney hits us with a sound I remember him putting out in the mid 2000’s. Funny how it takes a decade to break a genre. Or even longer. But not many producers can pull off this sound properly. Believe me, I get submissions aalllll ddaayyyy.. Anyways, this track bangs properly and who better to deliver us some positive high energy tunes than these guys? I am still trying to get over how this kid sings so well. Man, if I had those skills when I was in high school… I was too busy playing Golden Eye and dealing with acne to do anything constructive. Johnny, I hope you are using your talents for good things. Such as wrangling them ladies ;)

ALSO! The single “Say Yes” is being released in part with SKIO music, which is a platform for musicians looking to collaborate and make dope art, and even make some money while they’re at it ;) There will be some great prizes to the top 2 remixes of this single so definitely check it out if you happen to be a producer ;)



Guap. Out>


Pegboard Nerds – Just like That feat. Johnny Graves

Songs that open with “Good morning” always end up in the “Morning Banger” playlist. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s just polite, which is the apologetic Canadian way. Sorry Canada. This collabo of Denmarks Pegboard Nerds and Victoria’s 17yo Johnny Graves along with the help of Konrad Oldmoney’s producerial / engineering / songwrity fancyness talent, doesn’t just bang out in the morning playlist, or for it’s duration, but also in its release being for one of the better and most affecting causes of today. All proceeds of the release are being donated to F*CK CANCER in support of breast cancer early detection, prevention and support.

So, for one you should be supporting BC Boy in his rise to the top, and for two, for the lives of many.

Seacrest out.

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