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Konrad OldMoney remains “Undefeated” (Ft. Junoflo and Dyme Def – UFC3)

Strap yourselves in kids, this will be a bit of a long one!

  We have been posting Konrad OldMoney on here for many a moon now and have made sure to keep up to all the kooky adventures he ends up being part of. Mr. OldMoney is a well established music producer from Vancouver / LA who has been consistently redefining music genres and the role of a music producer. Just in 2017 alone, he has produced and written a number one album “Countdown” for Polish POP Superstar – Dawid Kwiatkowski, which earned an MTV Best Artist Award in Poland, he then went on to produce and release Canadian folk singer and winner of CBC Searchlight 16, Desirée Dawson’s “Wildheart” album, which is a beautiful soulful journey. Desirée’s haunting vocals shine amongst an elegant balance of live instruments and carefully chosen poetry. Did OldMoney rest on his laurels? Nope, nope he didn’t kids. He then proceeded to produce a whole whackload of music for EA Sports  –  Fifa 17 “The Journey” Reveal TrailerNBA Live and UFC3.

I recently got my greasy fingers on a copy of EA Sports UFC3 and gave it a spin. Being a huge fan of UFC2, I was really curious about the differences between the two games and also pretty pleased to see a Vancouver local representing strongly on such a dope video game title. I am getting a hang of the changes in gameplay now and started betting with my friends over who is going to kick who’s ass. Needless to say I have been miserably losing and therefore I’ve been resorting to things like classic misdirection, kicking the guy with the controller and just plain screaming as loud as I can to annoy them enough to leave mid match.

So…Here is the nerdy part. I’ma break this down for yous

The gameplay is dope! The strategy component is much more prominent in this one. If you wanna win, you gotta plan. The game uses Real Player Motion Tech (according to the nerdy sources out thurr on the innanet), which just makes errthang better. Knockout Mode is my favorite because it’s none of this wrestling stuff. Stand and Bang is my style ;) The players look more real and move better, overall a great improvement on the game. But also, another huge selling feature of this game, something EA does really really well, is the Soundtrack. You can see OldMoney’s name and song amongst artists such as CARDI B, Kendrick Lamarr, Snoop Dogg, A$AP Ferg, Big Boi, Dj Khaled, Future, Yo Gotti, Foster The People, G-Eazy, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, The Killers, Dave East, Run The Jewels, Tech N9ne, Vic Mensa and the list goes on. Hats off to the Music Supervisor Ricardo Almeida and the game producer Freddy Ouano for pulling off this madness and not disappointing us fans!

Check out the Official Soundtrack Announcement HERE

Now that we are oh so learned, let’s take a gander at the single “Undefeated” shall we? The song features Korean Rap Superstar JUNOFLO, who signed with rap legend Drunken Tiger’s Label FEEL GHOOD MUSIC (OldMoney has done lots of work with their squad in the past so this must be how this collab came about). Also Seattle based rap crew  Dyme Def. The verses pack a solid punch to the face. The music is heavy orchestral smack em in the face with the subs turned up to 12. Konrad OldMoney also did the UFC3 Theme music for the game which you can hear during load screens when you turn on the console or play directly from the menus. Undefeated is hype as Fuuuuuuu….. Turn up ze bass kids!!

Here is the single:

Here is the Official Soundtrack:

Guap Out.

Konrad OldMoney feat. Sleep Steady – Black Thai


I have posted about Konrad OldMoney and Sleep Steady cuts since they placed two songs on the UFC2 video game. Which I so love playing since it allows me to punch people I normally would run from, in their stupid face. Anyways, this new song makes me want to do exactly the same thing only in a thuggier more low ridery way. Like, roll up slow at night with my oversized vehicle looking all cool and start a fight. Which I would never do because I would most likely lose. Anyways, here are some sounds from these three gentlemen

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Johnny Gr4ves – Say Yes (Prod. Konrad OldMoney)


Good morning kiddos! Today we bring  you a nice lil tropical dance jammyjam. 17 year old Victoria BC high schooler Johnny Gr4ves ripping up the ballads and much older and gripey old man with skills Konrad OldMoney hits us with a sound I remember him putting out in the mid 2000’s. Funny how it takes a decade to break a genre. Or even longer. But not many producers can pull off this sound properly. Believe me, I get submissions aalllll ddaayyyy.. Anyways, this track bangs properly and who better to deliver us some positive high energy tunes than these guys? I am still trying to get over how this kid sings so well. Man, if I had those skills when I was in high school… I was too busy playing Golden Eye and dealing with acne to do anything constructive. Johnny, I hope you are using your talents for good things. Such as wrangling them ladies ;)

ALSO! The single “Say Yes” is being released in part with SKIO music, which is a platform for musicians looking to collaborate and make dope art, and even make some money while they’re at it ;) There will be some great prizes to the top 2 remixes of this single so definitely check it out if you happen to be a producer ;)



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Exclusive: Senile (Ft. Tyga, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne) (Konrad OldMoney Trap Remix)

Konrad OldMoney of our lovely Vancouver has taken to remixing Young Money music. Ever Since his remix of Pharrells GIRL album at least. This is the third remix to come from this Rise of an Empire remix series. While it is dubbed a Trap remix there is broader genre field at work here. The tracks is available for a like, support your fellow Vancouverites.

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Pharrell Williams – G I R L (Konrad OldMoney Remixes)

Now, here’s something you don’t see everyday. A highly decorated Grammy hounds album being released in remix, in full, at the same time.. Konrad went in on the whole with a Trap and Future element. Personally I have yet partake in any kind of stream that is being offered, never-mind the purchase of G I R L, this is serving me just fine. The whole remix album is available for free download.

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Afrikan Boy – Hit Em Up (Konrad OldMoney Remix)

#Vancouver based Konrad OldMoney has made his name based on his productions aptly filed under Global Bass. In this, his second remix for M.I.A. collaborator Afrikan Boy, the sound holds true. The remix was made available for purchase just today via iTunes along with the rest of the Hit Em Up – EP.
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/106039615″ iframe=”true” /]

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