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Clubfeet – Cape Town (Blue Version Remix)

Ah yes, the infamous Blue Version sense of humour gleams throughs. It no doubt played a special part in the selection process. It’s a fun and groovy number. Take it in.
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The Neighbourhood – No Grey (Blue Version Remix)

Just three days ago Blue Version handed out a new remix with the word jeans in it, a lot. A lil funny since the last couple of photos appearing on his Facebook page notably had a denim presence. Coincidence?
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Blue Version
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Robin Thicke – Pretty Lil’ Heart (Blue Version Remix)

robin-thicke-blurred-lines_11 Non stop bedroom beats today. Mr. Blue Version really out did himself. Robin Thicke, not so much, this remix though, lot’s much.
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JMSN – Somewhere (Blue Version Remix)

artworks-000041833625-844bz7-original There was a update made by another blog based in Vancouver that was real refreshing. The statement read that their faith in the state of electronic music had been restored recently. A welcome read as there is more often a voice of negativity than praise of the general state of, well, nearly everything. But who can argue with the non stop flow of free music. Blue Version is one of Vancouver’s own, dedicated to the free and circulation of music. Thank you sir, and to all whom share their creativity for our pleasure.
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My Robot Ears #83

0a81a00db5bcd6e75517207c885e138991a72d77_m It has been far too long since an episode of My Robot Ears has been commissioned. So the time is now. Have you ever seen a booty like this before?^

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Kicking this ‘Soundcloud Roundup’ of sorts is C.Z.’s ‘BB got me’ . A cool wafer of club love, very juke esq.

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Fellow blog master / star went down on Woodkid pretty hard here. Perhaps a worthy addition to the bedroom playlist? See description for DL.

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By now yall should be well verse in the tidings of Soulection. They were all up on Boilerroom.tv for gods sake. You can grab Atu’s full album via ze Bandcamp, HERE.

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Fuuck. More bass ridden R&B heat from BrianFolk. This dude is a must watch.

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Hospital caught me at the right place during the right time. Pure pure chill, plenty of wave instrumental cool down.

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Annie Mac says “listen” , I say yes mam. File this under Drum and Bass.

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Loved the bio for these guys and decided to share it with you. Simple and real.

The three multifaceted band members of the DC aquawave/emo-pop band Misun (pronounced ‘me-sun’) met while working in different capacities at the Dupont Circle bar/restaurant, Science Club in 2010. At the time vocalist Misun Wojcik waitressed part-time, often sharing overlapping shifts with resident DJs William DeVon and Nacey (production). The three soon discovered a common musical bond and began writing and recording in Nacey’s bedroom studio on U Street.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/83539902″ iframe=”true” /]
“Scott G releases ‘GENERATION X’ off of his upcoming “Thank You Gesus” mixtape.”

Jurassic 5 – Thin Line (Blue Version Edit)

artworks-000041833625-844bz7-original Blue Version’s first to get over 10k play. And for good reason. Real chill ish. Hit up his Facebook for the free.
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ANGO – True Blue (Blue Version ‘Twice As Blue’ Remix)

artworks-000039521549-lmu8km-original Love songs are always best when your blue. R&b Jacques Greene produced tracks are soothing in these moments to. This one if for the lover not the fighters.
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Ratatat – Seven (Blue Version Remix)

artworks-000039521549-lmu8km-original Where has Ratatat been though? The Blue Version of ‘Seven’ just in to tide you.
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Flume – What You Need (Blue Version Edit)

artworks-000038456509-ht6ewk-original Time to get some more Flume in you. This time though, we’re going to go with the Blue Version. Support this new Vancouver revamp. Free download for a like.
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