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Nik Ernst & Nick Peters – Give Me Back Tonight (feat. Tammy Infusino)


Something about my Eastern European nature really pokes through sometimes. When I hear certain chord progressions I just want to put on some shitty white jeans and a nice tight dress shirt, shine up my belt buckle and go out there and dance like no one is watching. Or like everyone is watching. I mean… I wouldn’t roll up in a white BMW but I would definitely fit many stereotypes. This song, while being North America friendly, still hits me with them feels.

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The theme of this weeks shortlist is simple: DANCE. Funky and slow or energetic and fast, here are some tracks that I’ve been getting down to*.

*Getting down may or may not be me singing in the shower to random Spotify playlists…

These songs really caught my attention for a few reasons: 1. Recyclable – I’ve basically had most these songs on repeat for almost a week now. 2. Unique – I try to choose songs that don’t sound EXACTLY like every other song out there. 3. My Soundcloud feed is simply flooded with them, so it’s honestly hard to escape! In a good way.

Flamingosis – Make Me Late For Breakfast

The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na – WORD TO SPREAD feat. Tom Thum

Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE – Superstar Feat. Krewella (DNMO Remix)

The Chainsmokers – Closer Ft. Halsey (Gill Chang Remix)

Criminal feat. Los Rakas & Far East Movement (Navaz Remix)

And thus concludes today’s edition of the SHORTLIST! Follow FC on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter for frequent updates on what’s good.