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The theme of this weeks shortlist is simple: DANCE. Funky and slow or energetic and fast, here are some tracks that I’ve been getting down to*.

*Getting down may or may not be me singing in the shower to random Spotify playlists…

These songs really caught my attention for a few reasons: 1. Recyclable – I’ve basically had most these songs on repeat for almost a week now. 2. Unique – I try to choose songs that don’t sound EXACTLY like every other song out there. 3. My Soundcloud feed is simply flooded with them, so it’s honestly hard to escape! In a good way.

Flamingosis – Make Me Late For Breakfast

The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na – WORD TO SPREAD feat. Tom Thum

Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE – Superstar Feat. Krewella (DNMO Remix)

The Chainsmokers – Closer Ft. Halsey (Gill Chang Remix)

Criminal feat. Los Rakas & Far East Movement (Navaz Remix)

And thus concludes today’s edition of the SHORTLIST! Follow FC on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter for frequent updates on what’s good.


Monday, monday, monday. Such a busy week ahead! That’s why I’ve come to the rescue with another quick playlist of tracks that I can’t seem to get enough of. It’s a bit of a rocky road of a playlist, with bangers and chillers, but I think you’ll dig. FAWNA, Skrillex, NGHTMRE and Jayceeoh are up at bat – check it out:

Don’t forget to check out the video for Reverie by clicking HERE. It’s amazing.

That concludes our quick mix for this week. Check back ASAP and we’ll continue to feed you the dankest of the dank.

Pairanoid – Carry On (feat. ALEXANDRIA)

Here are some pretty words bitches. Just in case you didn’t know I can speak all fancy n shit. – Toronto-based production duo Pairanoid have released their latest track titled ‘Carry On’.  The track features the beautiful voice of Alexandria.  ‘Carry On’ is a melodic dance track thats easy to listen to.  It has a fantastic bass line, and an uplifting vibe that is supported by just the right amount of building and falling.



Sounds like: MGMT,  Haim,  Polica

Victoria based indie/pop electro-duo, LABS, began as an experiment in 2014 between long term collaborators Lindsay Bryan (vocals) and Adam Sutherland (keys and guitar). The intention was to create stock samples for electronic music producers, however, the demos quickly became full songs and thus, LABS was born.  The band has been quickly catching the attention of notables in the music business, recently linking up with Artist Manager, Nathan Beswick, former President and founder of SQE Music (At The Drive In, Rusko, The Faint)

The band’s sound contrasts high-fi to lo-fi analog synth and guitar tones, hooky melodic vocals, big drums and rich bass tones. Download their track Downfor FREE here: http://squeakshark.com/downloads/labs_down

PURPLE BASS II – Kermode’s “New World” Release Party


Looking to throw down this weekend? The Waldorf is hosting some of Vancouver’s best local electronic talent in a stacked lineup on Friday night! Back by popular demand, Wetcoast is bringing you the second installment of their PURPLE BASS Series, featuring psychedelic bass music, purple decor and giveaways from Wetcoast Threads – Sustainable Clothing. Kermode headlines with his new album, “New World”, a glitchy masterpiece guaranteed to make you wanna move. I can also vouch for a seriously awesome crowd at this event!

Facebook | Line-up:

Kermode (Wetcoast – Vancouver)
*New World Remixes Album Release*

MetaphOracle (Kelowna)

GDubz (Vibe Alliance – Vancouver)

Akimi (Late Knights Collective)



More Moods – Nights On The Roof (Jazzvolution) and Love is Real

I’ve posted about Nick Moods from Rotterdam before, but he deserves more attention because his music is so incredibly good at what it’s trying to do, which is capture a mood and crystallize it in sound. The track above, Nights On The Roof, could be blasted from any rooftop during one of October’s icy, tumultuous nights, or maybe on a street corner in the rain, with a jazz band accompanying it. You could be listening to this track and missing home, or somebody that you love. I don’t really know how to describe it, which is pretty weak coming from someone who’s supposed to be blogging about music, but I’d like to call that ineffable quality a sign of real talent (I swear that’s a compliment, not a cop-out… really!).

Love is Real was the song that brought Moods to my attention. Doesn’t it kind of just make you feel like… love… is real? #dammit

Moods: Soundcloud | Facebook

Baron C ✘ 40K & Kandy Space – Stuck On You

A lofty collaboration from some of Vancouver’s hip hop & electronic talent. I met a guy at Celebrities last week and managed to catch his DJ name, Kandy Space. Kandy Space mixes a lot of R&B and does the production for laid back hip hop tracks of Vancouver rappers which everyone can appreciate. Find him posting new tracks at the speed of light on his Soundcloud. Pick up some free downloads while you’re there.

Kandy Space: Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter