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Sango – Callin’ On U

artworks-000039408697-kfuzy3-original Listening to Sango has indirectly served as an education about Drake. If your like me at all and have held out on listening to anthing by Drake, then, well, it may be time for us to change our ways. Sango put in his drums, as per ushe, but the original beat is hella tight. No doubt containing a sample in itself. But good music is good music.
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My Robot Ears #80 (Merry XMA$$)

525629_10151197526494086_1403126549_n A Christmas edition of MRE. Some delicious freebies that have been getting things turnt up this holiblaze season.
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My Robot Ears #79

534183_362086030525577_1335777560_n Heavy trap focus today. Some slowed lean strewn about just to mix things up. 12.12.12
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Kaytranada & Sango – Down4U

artworks-000035453567-ehuoc3-original Rainy day love swag. Lolz. Grip the full BOOTY BASED MOB (VOLUME ONE) compilation tape HERE.
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/69892765″ iframe=”true” /]

David Stewart – Silly Boy (prod. by Sango)

Down with anything prod. by Sango Beats. Get the FreEp HERE boi.
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A Moment For: Sango

Artist Bio ::
I produce with the love from above. My inspiration comes from anything and everything.
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Sango – Owe Me (Ta-ku Remix)

This is Nas. Taku says follow SangoBeats.
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