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Nas – Shootouts (Sixfingerz Remix)

Deep dishing into older school hip hop as of late. Diplo’s Free Gucci Mixtape gets the household a bouncin. Bla bla. Mr.Belgian Sixfingers kept ‘Shootouts‘ fresh and stale in a good east coast 90’s way so little was lost in his translation. Stagger off.
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Nas – The Don (J Paul Getto Remix)

artworks-000020956563-bdv2ak-original In love with this. Real bouncy, J Paul Getto kept some good lyrics.
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A Moment For: Sango

Artist Bio ::
I produce with the love from above. My inspiration comes from anything and everything.
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Sango – Owe Me (Ta-ku Remix)

This is Nas. Taku says follow SangoBeats.
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Nas – K-I-S-S-I-N-G (Sines Slowed and Throwed edit)

Kelis, before she was bossy, was wiv Nas..
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