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Sowwie (Marvel’s Midnight Mix)

The Freshest member Marvel just came through with a new J Beebs flip. Spun into a smooth pop chiller. Canadas biggest mainstreamer and his Canadian choice word anthem just got a little more apologetic. Sorry.

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The Freshest Liveset 4.0 Feat Kutcorners & Marvel

Liveset by The Freshest are continued in heart of Fortune Sound Club. They key dfference in 4.0 is the visuals projected on both Kutcorners and Marvel.

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Video: The Freshest Live Set 3.0 Feat Kutcorners & Marvel

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgPoSgoNI8s&w=560&h=315] Yet another amazing performance. One through three have been packed with wholesome goodness that will not make you butt fat. Peep game the previous Live Set’s HERE.