Palmier Records

Excited to announce with you all today a new partnership with Toronto, Brisbane & Tokyo axis revolving Palmier Records. For some time to come you will note their presence on this site as they share their forthcoming releases. Below are two exciting releases that the label has made happen to date,  given the range of what is under their belt to date makes this venture all the more exciting. We look to the future with wanting eyes. Welcome and get to know Palmier Records.

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About Palmier Records:

Palmier Records is a newly founded Toronto based record label. Focusing on a mixture of deep house, garage, and hip-hop the multi genre label is making waves in the music world. Established in 2013, Palmier is intent on drawing upon cross-cultural musical influences to provide the smoothest listening experience. Currently Palmier is in collaboration with upcoming house and hip-hop artists such as, Cudroid (UK) and Aztek (USA) amongst others. With an A&R from Tokyo to Toronto, Palmier’s mission is provide the music enthusiast of the world a dynamic and international repertoire of sounds.

Palmier Records – Facebook | Soundcloud | Website