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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays world. Thank you to all of you who have been checking back regularly. Post count has been slow over the past few weeks due to relocating to a place with possibly the worst internet connection in the world, and limited service ability from the provider to sort things out on a mutually agreeable time. Future Classics is very much going into the New Year as an active blog. Stay with us. We can’t wait to see what the new year has in store and we want to take the ride with you.

Cheers & thanks.

E.A.S.Y. – Like That

Industry heavy weights Enferno and Shiftee have combined forces as E.A.S.Y. The duo is not brand new and already have a handful of well received releases under their two person one belt belt. ‘Like That’ is just the newest addition to their already remix, mix and original production catalog. It starts off as a laidback Chill Trap then builds n’ bursts into a huge chunk of Future that could be compared to Flume if one were so inclined. But make no mistake, this is E.A.S.Y. , and it’s just what they do. More for the get familiar below.

E.A.S.Y. – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Brenmar – Medusa feat. Rush Davis

Chicago born and raised Brenmar shares the fist track from his upcoming, and first original mixtape. ‘Medusa’ is completely a bedroom beat loaded with provocative lyrics from newcomer Rush Davis on the subject.

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Brenmar – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Happy New Year

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

Thank you to all those who have been with us through our first year!

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Four Festivals for 2014

As 2014 fast approaches so do thoughts and dreams of next year’s adventures.  It’s that time of year where we start to think about where the music will take us next. What or better yet where can offer me the best experience possible. Many people search far and wide for that new life changing festival moment that makes them say ‘I was there’ and it’s something we hold dear if we capture it.  So here we take a look at 4 festival from across the globe that are serious contenders for your travel itinerary 2014.

Day Zero – Year One at Chanolandia

Where?  Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
When? January 11 – January 12

The first up on our list is the second inception of the Day Zero festival curated by the Crosstown rebels crew. There isn’t anywhere else on earth you can party next to a Mayan Temple in a sun soaked jungle.  Those who attended last year’s inception have continued to talk about the energy and vibe of the festival. Of course the end of the world paranoia can be attributed to this as it created a sense of ‘This is the party for the end of the world vibe’ but what made it truly special was a carefully crafted line-up.

This year is no exception with Simian Mobile Disco, TEED and label head honcho Damian Lazarus amongst others guiding you through a series of cosmic sounds set to put the crowd into a state of togetherness and connectivity.

CTM Festival

Where? Berlin, Germany
When? January 24 – February 2

For those looking to have their personal boundaries of electronic acceptance pushed next year CTM is worth checking out. CTM dedicates itself to cutting edge and contemporary electronic and experimental music. The auditory and visual range on offer here is diverse to say the least.

Berlin is a hub for experimental music at the moment personified in the on-going series Boiler room berlin and heading there next year is sure to be an eye opener but it certainly isn’t for everyone.  It does however almost guarantee an entirely new experience and with Charles Cohens performance with Rabih Beani headlining its certainly worth thinking about.


snowb Where? Mayrhofen, Austria
When? 7 – 12th April

If you are one for winter fun then Snowboming is an ideal choice. There aren’t many festivals (if any others at all) where you can spend an entire week spending your days sking/boarding, then spending your nights fist pumping to some of the world’s top DJs. The Austrian festival’s line-up is consistently big, perhaps it isnt as forward thinking as other festivals but it sure does bring the big names.

2014s edition sees Carl Cox, Groove Armada, James Zabiela, Daniel Avery, Paul Woolford and many more take to the igloos of Snowbombing to deliver banging 4×4 house and techno all night long. The best part is that there are a range of luxury accommodation available, even some 4*hotels (Check Royal Holiday for the best deals) So no camping in the snow!

Gottwood Festival

Anglesey, Wales
When? 19TH – 22nd June

You might be surpassed to see a festival from of England’s closest neighbours on the list but it’s there for good reason. Many people hop across the atlantic to the UK each year to experience what is arguably the greatest place for electronic music culture in the world. Yet, when people are exposed to the commercial offerings of Creamfields or Global Gathering it can be hard to see what is so different. Enter Gottwood. This small forest residing festival is fast becoming a UK favourite and yet it is still relatively unknown. Gottwood transforms a forest in wales to deliver a truly mind blowing experience that is trippy and delightful to all the senses. This year’s line-up continues on its consistently great form with the likes of Max Coopers, Prosumer, Dense & Pika, Last Magpie and many others taking to the decks.

Palmier Records

Excited to announce with you all today a new partnership with Toronto, Brisbane & Tokyo axis revolving Palmier Records. For some time to come you will note their presence on this site as they share their forthcoming releases. Below are two exciting releases that the label has made happen to date,  given the range of what is under their belt to date makes this venture all the more exciting. We look to the future with wanting eyes. Welcome and get to know Palmier Records.

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About Palmier Records:

Palmier Records is a newly founded Toronto based record label. Focusing on a mixture of deep house, garage, and hip-hop the multi genre label is making waves in the music world. Established in 2013, Palmier is intent on drawing upon cross-cultural musical influences to provide the smoothest listening experience. Currently Palmier is in collaboration with upcoming house and hip-hop artists such as, Cudroid (UK) and Aztek (USA) amongst others. With an A&R from Tokyo to Toronto, Palmier’s mission is provide the music enthusiast of the world a dynamic and international repertoire of sounds.

Palmier Records – Facebook | Soundcloud | Website


At the beginning of the week opened it’s doors to the public and students. The #Vancouver location offers both DJ and production courses of various levels to all those with a desire to learn or master their respective craft. You will find their brand peppered throughout Future Classics content for years to come as we are in full support of this new outlet for musicians to thrive and learn. Visit their website for full details on courses, exclusive downloads, gear reviews and much more.

About DJ Tricks:

DJTRICKS.COM offers private and group DJ & Music lessons which are taught from local industry working DJs in a professional recording studio. Our instructors are a clash of styles which makes for a creative, passionate knowledgeable and talented group of individuals who are dedicated to passing off the culture & skills with respect & history. We use only the best DJ equipment which included the Pioneer DDJ-SX controller, Technic 1200s, Rane & Pioneer Mixers, Serato Scratch Live, Serato Itch, Serato DJ and Traktor related products. Our courses are designed to match an individual’s skill level which are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Learn music theory, the history of DJing, terminology, mixing techniques, scratching, beat juggling, rolling, hot cues, looping, effecting and much more.

NOTE: is now hiring. *Vancouver residents only.

BlackonWhite_500x500 – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Website

Nick Wisdom – Beam Me Up

#Vancouver based ASL Singles Club looked to their now Montreal based beat banger Nick Wisdom for the latest release. Two Hip Hop spined chill outs packaged together in one tight download came about. Grab up one fo free or two fo a dalla on ze bandcamp.

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Nick Wisdom – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Snugsworth & Marvel Alexander – In Real Life

Let’s break for a light n’ spacey trap ish. The tune makes it’s way to you by way of Hackensack NJ x Poland for Marvel Alexander’s birthday (yesterday). Wish the Modern Outfit connect a happy belated.

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Snugsworth – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Marvel Alexander – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter