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Neoteric Interview

The internet has been flush with the works and links of one of the industries fastest moving, forward thinking artists / label honcho’s, Neoteric. Main Course Records has been on the tip of every tastemeaskes tongue fom some time now, from the likes of THUMP, Earmilk and many more.

The future certainty of electronic music has been approved by Jay Z, which of course is the most significant opinion that can be offered by any one person on the subject.. Future Classics believes this statement to be true however. It is just a matter of how and with how much outside influence the spectrum will continue to grow that has still yet be determined. MCR is under an eye (so to speak) in this regard, they’re being a free or by donation label and all.

Thankfully, after his lengthy Earmilk interview w. fellow label mates Bot & Astronomar Neoteric still had some words to spare on his career and the label that’s doing it so hard. Read, enjoy, comment, share.

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I’d love it if we could talk about your career a little bit. You’ve lived in a number of city’s, participating in a variety of scenes, worked in A&R, and so on. Before we jump into Main Course.

Sure. Yeah I’ve moved around a bit in the past few years, but I’d say I came up in Vancouver, DJing and then producing. The last few years I spent around Europe, mainly in Berlin. During that time I was managing Crookers (while they were still a duo) and a few other artists. Recently I’ve moved to London Ontario, which is a couple hours south of Toronto. Musically, I’m all over the map. I started out mainly as a Hip Hop DJ, but the ease and access of Serato really allowed my sets to transform into a reflection of what I loved moreso than what I ‘had’ to play. These days I mainly play and produce house, but also love spaced out cosmic disco stuff, and run a passion project of a podcast called The White Light Mixes ( I’m pretty much obsessed with all types of music though.

How long have you been producing and DJing and which came first?

DJing for sure, and I guess in my bedroom for almost 20 years now. Wow, haven’t done that math in a while. Publicly about 15, and travelling/touring for about 6 I think. Producing was always something I dabbled in here and there, but became much more of a focus in the past 3-4 years.

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How long were you signing other peoples records to other peoples labels? and how did you begin that role in the music industry?

Technically, I started an underground rap label in ’99 called Futility Records which was an interesting outlet and experience, but my main experiences started in 2008 when Switch, who had just moved to LA from the UK came to play in Vancouver. We hung out, had some drinks, talked music and showed each other tracks, and he subsequently asked me to help him find records for his label Dubsided, which was a real spark for me. I eventually started helping friends get their music signed to labels like Dim Mak and Top Billin, and also did 2 compilations on Discobelle Records which featured a bunch of my favourite producers. So, it was pretty natural, and frankly overdue for me to transition that into my own label.

Was there ever a site, model or friend that Main Course followed in terms of running as a free release label? Or was this choice made entirely on your desire to deliver quality music more readily?

It was based around so many random ideas, and certainly inspired by a few people we looked up to over the years. The model of 100% free was something we thought we could make work. I guess thats yet to be seen. But Mad Decent did a great job with Jeffree’s (big up to Vancouvers Paul Devro for his amazing work with that label), and later Fools Gold’s clubhouse series was a sign of a new direction too. Ultimately as artists, I think we wanted to start representing what we loved, and using our connects and profile to get the word out. Musically we wanted to represent pretty much anything good, anything we loved, and always aim to release it in final form as quickly as we can, to keep things fresh.

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What do you see the roles of current music blogs as? As compared to say, the early thousands.

They are so incredibly important these days. It means SO MUCH for a label like us to be featured – we truly just want the music heard, and we’re willing to spend our own money to give it to you. There is so much good music available now, more than we could ever really digest. So, we live and die by blogs and their support – we’re always down to work out premiers or exclusive content if that helps the rest of our catalog or artists get noticed!

Have you found todays blogshphere to be very accommodating of Main Course’s freelease methodology? And was this a consideration in the labels early conception?

I have, but there’s certainly tons of room for more help haha. Another thing we’ve come to realise is that every site can’t feature everything we release as we have so much coming down the pipeline, be it full releases, our “snacks’ series, our mixes and upcoming podcast series, plus music videos, and of course, our own individual content as separate artists – all that combined is a great deal of content, so it’s good to just follow us via our sites and social feeds so you don’t miss something amazing, haha.

Is the labels main output going to continue to be free releases?

Absolutely. Hopefully, forever. With all our releases we ask people to consider buying it on iTunes or Beatport if they love what they hear and want to support the artist and label. It really does help. Sometimes we might do a giveaway for anyone thats purchased a release – a zip file here or a chance to win a shirt or something. As of now, if we can just recoup our expenses we are more than happy! Finding a way to take it to the “next level” while still keeping things moving fast, and freely could be tricky, but we’re down to figure that out.

Where does Main Course call home?

London, Ontario, Canada (myself), London, UK (Bot) and Los Angeles (Astronomar). Worldwide Domination pending!

How do you feel Main Course stands out from, or fits into, the rest of the label pack? Aside from the roster.

Hmm. It’s kind like how I was in high school. Able to hang out with a bunch of different crowds. The basketball players, the skateboarding stoners, the pretty girls, and the arty introverts. It keeps things exciting, for sure.

Do you like Main Course being referred to as an “Experimental” label?

I think our ‘Everything Free’ model is more experimental than the music, but perhaps i’ve been desensitised to the music. I think a lot of it is.. weird and non-traditional, a bit cutting edge, but I don’t view it as experimental. If anyone does though, that’s cool with us.

Word is that there is a ‘SNACKS’ compilation, and remix compilations en route. What can you say about either of those at this point?

Yeah! The first SNACKS compilation actually just came out! (link: and we’re thrilled, as it’s our first full length release. 10 tracks, which were previously offered as Snacks, our free download quick releases. Volume 2 is 10 more tracks and drops Jan 7th! The remix compilation is a solid 8 tracks and out on December 10th. We’ll be giving a track a day away after that. There’s some real heat on there too, a vocal version of Swick & Lewis Cancut’s Hi Score featuring Dancehall artist Di Apprentice, plus some big big remixes from AC Slater, Jeff Doubleau, Raymond Lam, Bot, Nacey, and 2D Noize.

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PS. On the subject of submissions. Granted dealing with submissions takes up a great deal of time. But Im curious if one resource or channel, or country, or city even that has proven to be more fruitful in it’s supply of new talent.

It takes a good deal of time, for sure, but it’s fun to listen to what comes in. We generally ignore anything that is some mass CC to a bunch of people – that’s not the approach to go about getting your music signed. Most of it comes via emails, and some through our Soundcloud dropbox (link:, but the vast majority of what we sign comes from people we meet when we’re travelling for gigs, meeting the people who are playing at the same kinds of parties as us. Or via friends of artists we already work with. We’re all about relationships and building with new and exciting talent. That said, if you think you got what it takes, check out and submit your demos to us ( We’ll get back to you if we think it’s something we can work with!

Big thanks to Future Classics for the support!!!!

NOTE: You can check Neoteric live in your respective cities of Calgary, tomorrow at the Hifi Club for the Stirling Agency’s 4YR anniversary party, and then Friday in #Vancouver at the Electric Owl Social Club with Mama Miche + Blondtron + Vinnie the Squid.

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Here are a few recent releases from Main Course Records:

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Neoteric – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Main Course Records

October In Review

fc11 Artwork by Gerardo Lozano (Bvd Pistxl)

Last month yielded amazing content and milestones for Future Classics. This site is on the up and up, with even more big news pears coming up in November. Let’s recap while we’re on the tip of a new month.

Oct 31 Best Festivals for 2014

2014 is fast approaching. It’s time to start thinking about where you will spending your summer. Guest blogger Susan Varano supplied us with a detailed list of summer serenities. Start planning HERE.

Oct 31. HALLOWEEN HYPE W/ Stylust Beats / Pigeon Hole / Scrumb / Max Veilan / Bullet Bill

Few words can actually describe the event due to sheer lack of post show excitement. All those who attended know whats up. All those regular readers of FC know this is the first featured event we have collaborated with. Custom visuals & stage with that lineup!? That’s festival level entertainment at 10% the cost.

View the full photo album HERE.

Oct 28. Homewrecked! Episode 002 | Future Classics Mix vol 10 + DJ Homewrecker Interview

Volume 10 was released alongside curator DJ Homewrecker’s own monthly podcast ‘Homewrecked!’ . The mix itself is all kinds of Future, Bass, Footwork, plus all of what you might expect from one half of The Blunt Sinatras.

The mix also debuted the first instalment of a visual series by Gerardo Lozano (Bvd Pistxl). See the second instalment above.

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Oct 27. 500 Followers on Soundcloud

Not much to say about follower-ships.. Just this: Thanks to each and everyone who is and has been showing love to date. Love yah.

Oct 23. Duncan Gerow Interview & Exclusive Mix

Duncan Gerow put together a more downtime / chill mix than his usual Hip Hop mashups aka is Soundcloud game. It’s been bumpin on Soundcloud since the drop. To boot we may have scooped the first interview him.

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Oct 21. Video Premier: Douster – Violento feat. El Senor Teki Latex

Main Course Records have been a fixture in the Blogshere this year. Three industry savy compadres pumping the internet full of new and free music. We had the opportunity to support.

DJ Homewrecker Interview | Future Classics Mix vol 10

Volume 10 of our mix series is prodly presented in conjunction with mix curator, DJ Homewrecker’s own ‘Homewrecked’ podcast. The Boston based move maker has been on our radar for a minute. Initially attention was drawn upon researching The Blunt Sinatras; an uninhibited future music duo. Together and apart the Sinatras DJ Homewrecker combines elements of party vibes and A++ selection, in a manner that goes any distance. Get to know the good humored selecta. Bump the shit out of this mix.

Note: Artwork provided by Gerardo Lozano (Bvd Pistxl) serves as the first instalment of a month long series of visual images which cab be seen on our Facebook.

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Good day sir. How are you these day?
Progressively worse as the snow nears and progressively better as the sun begins to shine. How are you?

What is / was your Halloween costume this year?
After good thought i’ve decided to go as someone who is indecisive.

You gigging for the rest of the spooky season?
I play every saturday so i’m not sure if that counts as the spooky season? If it counts then yes! If it doesn’t then no :(

Is Boston a good place for parties and music?
Not only is Boston the home of the best professional sports, but we also know how to party! Every night of the week there is generally a show you can go see! Thanks to companies like Crush!, MassEDMC, The Brain Trust, Khross, and MMMMAVEN the electronic scene in Boston is growing and helping to change the culture quickly!

Boston is home Moduloktopus. How’d you link with him to form The Blunt Sinatras?
In 2012 I was selected to play Kahbang Music Festival in Bangor, Maine. While there I spent most of my time with a live electronic duo known as Brite Lite Brite. We hit it off and started working together and doing shows together. Both members graduated from Berklee in Boston which is where Moduloktopus also graduated from. We all played a show together and after vibing out we decided to form something that would make an impact on bass music forever.

If you can, describe The Blunt Sinatras in five words or less.
Evolving, Futuristic, Unique, Diverse, Ready.

What are yours and Moduloks goal(s) w. The Blunt Sinatras? If you had to put it in words?
Not to be cliche but I think all artists should want to make a difference in the world. Our goal together is to be heard. With that said we each have our own beliefs on topics and although sometimes they might be different we respect each others opinions and passions. I think this is an important message to everyone in itself.

How many years spinning do you have under your belt?
If you count the 4 years I spun as a hobby in my parents basement then 5. I have only been playing live shows for just over a year.

How often do your ‘Homewrecked!’ episodes come out? What should be people marking on their calendars?
I will be trying to release at least one episode per month. I also have a mixtape series featured on called “Neon Combs”
People should mark August 10th on their calendars, its my birthday.

Any spookie / eerie or dark tracks in the included mix?
No, they scare me.

Where was the mix recorded?
In my brain first, then in Serato.

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DJ Homewrecker – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Mat The Alien Interview

Augusts end brought about the first annual Aurora Festival in northern Alberta’s Grande Prairie. An exciting new addition to the ever expanding city’s nightlife. The event featured two nights, one Hip Hop / Rap, one Electronic. Unfortunately the city and venue, for safety concerns cancelled one night, forcing the promoter to move to another venue last minute.. These things happen and festival carried on regardless, thankfully. BC’ / the UK’s / Space’s Mat The Alien was one of the performers and we caught some words with him on the subject of festivals and his own goings on.

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Hello sir, thank you for finding the time. How has your summer been?
Amazing, it was hot and sunny for the most part which is always good so I got to do lots of mountain biking and hanging out with the family in between all the festivals

How was your Shambhala this year? Any notable changes in the event this year?
Shambhala was amazing as always really good atmosphere to perform in and the sound systems and stages just get crazier every year. It’s fun looking out and seeing people who have been to and booked you for shows all over the country.

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2013 makes it how many Shambhala’s for you?
I’ve lost count but think it’s 12 , I missed 1 when we had our boy ET.

Which festivals have you played / do you have left to play this season?
So far SOnic Bloom in Colorado , Connect in Regina , BassCoast , Shambhala , Rock Of the Woods , Piknic Electonic, Aurora. And coming up U4eyeahh and another US one.

All these festivals work well into your love for traveling #Factoid . What you do love most about travelling?
It’s all fun, especially festivals when you get to see lots of friends and see the best spots in town and eat at the good places. Only bad part is the lack of sleep.

As an abed traveler you are no stranger to Alberta’s North town of Grande Prairie are you?
Yeah I’ve been coming up there for a while now and seen the scene build over the years. There’s always a fun appreciative crowd and good local DJs and promoters making it happen.

On the subject of Aurora Fest (in Grande Prairie AB) , it feels as though the two day festival is a prime example of the sprawl of electronic music and festivals. The Northness of Grande Prairie playing a large part in this impression being lent. I’d love to hear your thoughts on electronic musics growth, and the festivals cultures follow suite.
I think its good the music is getting out there faster and further a field . Years ago you had to be in major city’s to have the record shops with the new music to be able to stay on top of it and now people anywhere in the world can heard all the latest music and styles emerging.

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To the best of your knowledge do festivals generally go the way the are supposed to on the first year? In terms of logistics, scheduling and venue?
It’s usually a 3 year building type of thing, people have fun at the first one then the next year come back with their friends and word just starts to spread by word of mouth.

Is Alberta a place non familiar to electronic music in your experience?
No, Calgary has been at the forefront of electronic music with the biggest sound systems PK! and promoters bringing the best newest acts in town town on a regular basis , same with Edmonton
then with the festivals lots of people from Alberta attend and go home then start throwing shows in smaller towns like Lethbridge , Medicine hat , Whitecourt , Red Deer.

Do you like and or use the term EDM?
Not really. I like what flying lotus said theta genres just limit musics creative potential. I play lots of beats these days and I don’t know or want to know what genre they are but they’re just really good.

For those who missed it, what was your Aurora Fest set about?
Had fun out there, just dropped a bunch of bits that I’m feeling these days and combine that with some scratches and stuff.

What or who’s sounds have you been feeling this summer?
So many really , I’m always checking all kind of people but really liking what Om Unit , and An-Ten-Nae are doing these days.

What is forthcoming from Mat The Alien /&+ your label, Really Good Recordings.
The next release is from Albertas Drifts , the current one is vancouvers Self Evident and just continue with more canadian underground music releases of many genres and styles.

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Mat The Alien Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Really Good Recordings Facebook | Soundcloud

Coco Bryce Interview | Future Classics vol. 6

Here is a mix we’ve been looking to bring you for a long long time. After many years of lurking round on the internet and scowering after Coco’s previous releases (Like this) passed on by time and continually growing volumes of music. The eclectics of this particular individual far surpassess any other musician I have followed. As such, this kind of diversity offers something fresh and new on the regular. #GetFamiliar

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Who is Coco Bryce?

One half of Light Club, skateboarder, dj, owner of a very small record label, part time creator of rubbish, full time lover.

Where abouts are you living the life at these days?

Breda, the Netherlands.

How does your surrounding climate influence your music?

The climate out here is usually pretty shitty, and so is my music, so I guess 100%.

What is the scene like there? Are you drawing from or collabing with good people?

There’s a couple of friends out here in Breda who are kind of into the same stuff as I am, Skweee and all that, but to call it a ‘scene’ might be pushing it a bit. And the one venue I used to play at and visit on a regular basis went bankrupt a couple of months ago. I regularly play in Antwerp though, which is only like a half an hour away from my hometown. Antwerp has a nice scene going on, I love it out there, good crowd, well into the music. Next Level Shit throw some proper parties. As far as collabs go, I only ever really do collabs via email/internet. I don’t like sitting in a studio together with someone else at the same time. There’s my homie Motëm in Canada, who I freguently collaborate with under our collective Light Club moniker. Tokyo native Emufucka, did some collabs and remixes with him. And Kelpe of course.

How long have you been into making music?

I’d say about 15 years now.

Producing as long as you have I wonder if you feel that you have found your sound? Or, are you on a never ending quest through music.

I’m often told that most of my tunes do have a certain “Coco” sound to them, put I don’t know what it is exactly tbh… I tend to get tired of sticking to the same genres for too long at a time, so I guess yeah, you could say I’m on that never ending quest. I like to switch things up a bit, although I do find myself coming back to certain elements time and time again, like chopped up breakbeats and Rave pianos and stuff like that. I just did a couple of Crunk/Trap joints the other day, with Rave pianos in there.

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How do you plan out a set or mixtape?

Depends on the occasion really. Sometimes I don’t plan anything at all, other times I’ll check which tunes I want to play and see which ones fit best with each other, like, not make an entire set, but just to see what sounds nice, which combos work well. Especially when I have a lot of new tunes, because I don’t want to stand there in front of the crowd, mixing two joints that sound awful when put together you know. And then there’s the times when I plan a certain set, get to the party, and the vibe will be completely different from what I’d expected it to be and I’ll end up playing a totally different set from what I planned.

Are you the kind of guy that sits on heaps of unreleased tracks? That impression comes off a bit.

Well kind of. But I drop so much rubbish for free on my Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages I think most of my halfway decent tunes have been or will be released someway or another.

How quickly do you move through new music?
Very quickly. like, I’ll skip through new releases really quickly and will usually hear in a couple of seconds whether I like the way it sounds or not. But I always end up discovering tunes I really like after a couple more listens, things that didn’t grab my attention right away you know. Which are more often than not the ones I end up liking most of all. The growers.

What are you most frequented sources for new music?

Well it used to be all about the record stores of course. But it’s mainly the internet nowadays for me. Sometimes I’ll pick something up from the radio or someone else’s dj sets. But mainly the internet, like, Soundcloud, Boomkat, Bandcamp, and I’ve been downloading shitloads of mixtapes from Datpiff lately as well. Lots of good, free tunes on there. And of course everything my homies send over to me. I swap a lot of stuff with my internet pals.

What’s you favourite track / record / album / mix set of all time?

pffffffff, I don’t think there’s any way I could answer that one.. growing up, my favourite tunes used to always be Tyree Cooper‘s ‘Turn Up The Bass‘ and ‘Golden Brown‘ by The Stranglers. But right now, I couldn’t tell you my all time fav if my life depended on it. Too many good albums man.. Check Your Head, The Ruler’s Back, Madvillainy, The Unseen, Hard To Earn, Afreaka, First Toke… the list goes on and on and on…

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]
If you had to choose, would you rather have paper teeth or fingers made out of asparagus?

I don’t much like asparagus, so I’ll take the paper teeth.. I’d just have to stick to yogurt..

Leave us w. some words on the mix you’ve provided. Where and with what it was recorded. ect.

Last week, at home, on two Pioneer CDJ’s and a cassette deck.

Coco Bryce: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

BarLee Interview


The lovers and leavers of Vancouver’s electronic night life might just know of ‘s massive presence through-ought the city. These “in the know’ people to whom the previous statement is geared towards are aware of Shine on Water St. and it’s possessors. The early weekly bass business of said venue is spearheaded by one BarLee. The man behind the night curating things in what can stil be described in an underground manner. The regular showcase of talented local movers and shakers is a refreshing sight, a true #Vancouver sight. For this reason we wanted to give BarLee some extra attention. Q’s and A’s and music below. Get familiar!

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]
Describe yourself in a few words or sentences.

yaooow i’m Neal Washburn a.k.a Barlee, i was born and raised in the city of east van near the commercial drive neighbourhood. i’m just a dude who loves ice cream, blunts, females, music and the best of viiibes. all at the same time has been done. it was the best moment EVER.

What was the main purpose of Lights Out during it’s conception?

i wanted to provide a nice, safe atmosphere where us underground heads, can listen to the best in bass music while mingling and dancing during the week, without having to wait for the weekend to come along.

Do you feel you’ve made good on what you set out to do with your night?

absolutely. i’ve had my ups and downs in the last 3 months, the thing that amazes me most is the people that are coming thru on this night are people that i haven’t even met before, let alone know. we are all coming together as one. which was my main goal.

Has Lights Out filled a void otherwise unfilled in the #Vancouver scene?

i’d say. there isn’t really any other solid spot in our scene where we have a bass night every week on a tuesday, let alone any other day. i’m happy to provide such a place

For those unknowing of the weekly Shine Nightclub event what kind(s) of music are on tap?
well we have everything really – we play rap, trap, juke, footwork, uk funky, house, dnb, proper dubstep. we even had a couple live abelton sets goin on as well. mad variety for all the music lovers

What is your personal connection to bass music in vancouver?

i’d have to say the people. these people in vancouver have a one of kind community where everybody knows each other and respects one another. proud to be a part this special family. we all one.

Can you give some heads up on forthcoming headliners? Will it continue to be predominantly local?

well we have Willisist, one of the main heads of the shah djs coming thru the week after clicks & whistles on june 11th. there are some names that can’t be revealed at the moment, but trust me, it’ll be good.


Clicks & Whistles tomorrow? What can can be expected from tomorrows show?

YES YES YES. clicks & whistles. LIGHTS OUT. this could possibly be one of best shows of the year. don’t sleep. expect the best vibes paired up with the best sounds out right now.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]
Any shouts or cudos?

shouts to Matt Exyouth for giving me a shot at making this night happen, Alvaro Prol for having my back, Myles Away for the rad posters and flyers he’s been doin’ for the night, the LIGHTS OUT residents/fam plus the people who have rolled on thru to support this night since day 1.
much love, Barlee

Lights Out: Facebook
BarLee: Facebook | Soundcloud

RSVP to Clicks & Whistles

Almamy Interview


Had an opportunity to catch up with with vocalist, songwriter and producer Almamy, based in NYC. Recently his rework of the infamous Daft Punk’s ‘Digital Love’ (written by DJ Sneak) has been making rounds and he is in full support. Listen and learn below.

[soundcloud url=”″ height=”300″ iframe=”true” /]

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Druture (Grown Folk) Interview


Caught the coat tails of Montreal fused Grown Folk half Drew, aka Druture. The incessant weight of a not small twenty four year old male was enough to slow him down and grant an interview to. The ideal outcome, seeing as how Grown Folk have long been a continuos blip on the Duracell battery powered radar of this ill lit, Red Bull can littered lair. Through the interview we discussed his own moniker, Druture, and the connection between the solo project and Grown Folk.
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

First and foremost, Druture is purely a side project correct? Last time I saw uploads from a group members new alias was when the LOL boys split.
Damn, RIP LOL Boys. Nah nothing like that at all, Brendan actually was the one who encouraged me to do a side project to get some of these tunes out there. Grown Folk is as strong, and busy as ever, expect to hear a lot of new stuff from us in 2013. Shout out to Jerome LOL and Heartbeat(s) btw, some amazing stuff coming from both of those dudes.

Elaborate on the branching.
With Grown Folk, Brendan and I have always taken a more calculated approach to what we put out there, and we’ve worked really hard to establish a signature sound, a sort of strand that ties together all of our material. Its something I’m really proud of creating, but I also have a lot of other impulses which might not fit perfectly under the Grown Folk umbrella.

How are you approaching solo productions differently?
Its actually not all that different than how I go about working on Grown Folk tunes. Brendan and I have actually spent a good deal of our time working together in different cities. Whether its due to the 4 month summer breaks when we weren’t in school, or the 8 months I spent in London 2 years ago. Because of this we’re often starting up projects, getting them to a certain point, and then uploading them to dropbox. I guess the biggest difference is that there is no one else to bounce ideas off of, and when I get stuck on a track there’s no one to help get things going again other than myself. There’s a really nice fluidity to being in a duo, since you’re not always going to be inspired or motivated to work on things 24/7. You also have another set of ears throughout the entire process, because anyone who’s produced will tell you that after a few hours, its easy to get lost in the loops, and doubt can definitely creep in. I think that working on a solo project will only strengthen myself as a producer, and I’ll have even more to bring to the table when Brendan and I work on a Grown Folk track together.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

What genres are you looking to explore outside of the group? Hip Hop clearly. Also, I love that the only person your following is The Dream. The guy is too good, and he remixes so damn well.
Hip-Hop is the obvious jump off point, but there’s a whole world of sounds and regional strains that I’m into. The Houston sound has always been a huge influence for me, and its something that I bring to all my productions, be it Druture or Grown Folk. I’m living in Atlanta right now, soaking up a lot of the mixture circuit as I can, I’ve always been a fan of this city’s output growing up. It was always weird being a Hip-Hop fanatic, but really liking the snap music and “ringtone rap” that everyone was claiming was the death of the music I loved, that stuff just worked to me. Another major influence is the mid 2000s peak-era Roc-a-fella records stuff, particularly the Diplomats camp, anyone who knows me knows how big of a diehard dipset fan I am. I really love Hip-Hop, and to me it means a lot of things.

Outside of Hip-Hop, I’m definitely pulling from a few different places as well. To be perfectly honest RnB is something I’ve only really gotten into since becoming a producer, but yeah I can’t get enough of it. The-Dream really represents a lot of what I aspire to be as an artist. You can hear a ton of different influences in one of his LPs, but they are all distilled through these candy colored filters, and they come out sounding undeniably like Dream songs. I like to think that I’d be able to identify a lot of the songs he’s written as his, even if I wasn’t such a big nerd that reads every releases liner notes before I hear it.

Who are your biggest Hip Hop / Rap influences?
Right now for me the top 10 looks something like:
Kanye, Cam’ron, Max B, UGK, Soulja Boy, Future, Mike-Will-Made-it, Chief Keef, Hollywood Squadda & Denzel Curry

Here’s a big one. Is Druture a play off the rapper Future? I.E. how did the name come about?
Yeah absolutely. I think Future has one of the best names in music, its hard to believe that no one else has claimed the name until now. Regardless I don’t think any other human being embodies the name Future as well as he does, maybe Steve Jobs but those guys just use their real names. I wanted to use my real name, but I didn’t really want to go the Ryan Hemsworth route because I’m overwhelmed by Facebook as it is. Drew rhymes with a cool words, but I really wanted to just have one word. Druture just came to me on a wave out of nowhere, it was a very Future moment.

Do you feel as tough you’ve landed on your sound as a solo artists or is there more feeling to do?
You know that 10,000 hour theory that Malcolm Gladwell wrote about in his book ‘Outliers?’ He basically says that to reach true mastery of something you need to put in 10,000 hours of practice to get there. I was getting kind of depressed about the fact that I probably wouldn’t be able to ever reach that number in anything I do. Then I realized that listening to music is my 10,000 thing. I listen to a lot of different genres, and my taste is all over the place, but there’s definitely a certain vibe that I usually gravitate towards. I don’t think I’ve landed on my sound, but I have a good idea of where I’d like to take things. We’ll see if I end up getting there though, I like taking detours and ending up in weird places.

What would some receive if they ordered a Druture cocktail?
Dirty Sprite mixed by Tommy Kruise.

So what is your next step? What is Druture’s future? Sorry, I’m all about lame jokes.
I’m working on the first Druture mix which I’m trying to record live on Technics. That’s actually how I learned to DJ, but its been a while, with Serato and CDs in the years since then. Helix and I are also working on a mixtape w/ Hollywood Squadda, but that’s still in the early stages. Helix and Squadda are going to be an amazing combination though, just based off of what I’ve heard so far…

The Grown Folk FB page and yourself have been quite a bit more active these days. Is schooling all wrapped up and is that why you’ve been so active online?
More or less yeah. I think a lot of it is also excitement about what our friends are doing, and what we have in store for everyone. 2013 is going to be a very exciting year for people who like good music.

Let’s finish this as charming as possible. What makes you want to throw up?
When people say, “just be realistic for a second.”

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Cherriep (Philthkids) Interview

IMG_6135 These West Coast (Vancouver & Nelson BC) weirdo’s and Juke all stars are on what some might call “a tear” these day. Lots of radio with SUB.FM , a new label en route and, more music trickling through their online presence to the cold dead fingers of Juke /&+ Footwork enthusiasts. So scoop up all the Philthkids n’ Cherrie P related news and goings on below. Cherrie really went in on the interview and provided in depth information all subjects. PS. your indulgence in FLUCTUATIONS is well encouraged.

Hows you?
Hey, I’m good. I’ve been very busy just trying to keep up with the party scene here in Vancouver. Everything is really happening right now as we get out of this nasty rainy weather season. We had lots of sun last week so people are energized. You can feel it. I don’t think we realize how important the sun is for moral until it gets taken away for six months.

You just released the Space Potion EP. Tell us about it, how long in the making, where it was recorded and with what, etc. All the deets.
Space Potion is a super silly record containing a whole lot of silly tracks that we felt would work as a free release. You have to do that now and again, give stuff away for free. It’s available exclusively through Walmer Convenience, a Toronto based Music blog run by street people – seriously I’m almost certain their homeless.

Tracks to look out for on this release include “Lit Up”, which was produced on an actual 808 drum machine. If you listen to the percussion, you can here the difference. Another track to look out for is “Fuckin with Hoes” , which was inspired by Dj Omega (I record all my own vocals btw). Finally, “Water Broke” and “So Big” which are some biblical type Ghostwhip jams we thought you’d never hear.

This is really the “new jazz” of electronic music. Structurally it allows us to explore ideas outside the conventional methods of song arrangement and presentation.

This hasn’t been the focus of all the philthy attention though has it. Philthtrax, a label is in the making, correct?
Footwork has been a significant focus of the crew, its just so new and unexplored. The label has been my primary focus of late, as it will propel our crew to the next level. From a bookings stand point and overall reputation with artists, we feel that its in our benefit to establish ourselves as a label.

With whom are you working on the endeavour of endeavours with (Philthtrax)?
I’ve been working closely with Pat Walters aka. Dj Cure from Aufect Recordings. He lives across the hall from me and has lots of experience and helpful information. He helped connect us with our current distribution partner as well as publicity people. It’s really great to have access to somebody who’s made mistakes and who can guide you away from making the wrong moves.

I’ve also been working more with Ghostwhip as an A&R, he has always been really great at finding the music. It’s the core of any catalog — the songs. So it’s very important to have people on your team who know where to look.

Are your signees to be of primarily Northwestern local, Canadian local, or of internet connection?
Were focusing on anybody who can produce original (very important) Jungle/ Juke Hybrid music. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen many submissions from Canadian artists, Hesk being the only exception. Outside of him and ourselves I think that’s about it for Footwork producers out of Canada. Send content to

We want to hear something that draws from the sound and emotions of 90’s Jungle music while maintaining an original feel with elements of Chicago Juke music. These two genres go splendidly together. If you want to hear some good examples check out our latest release with Aufect Recordings “Fluctuations.” — link —

Also check out Chrissy Murderbot’s label Loose Square’s, Addison Grooves new stuff, CL Moons “Sweeekers Vol.1 and 2 and of course Dream Continuum (Machine Drum and Om Unit).

What brought about the decision to start your own label?
The decision was made after waiting on labels to release our music, in one particular case it took this one label like a year to put out a release. Fluctuations was the release, we ended up passing it to Aufect Recordings in the end.

Honestly, it has a lot to do with poor organization and no real accounting structure. Label heads need to wake up in my opinion. The technology and services for artists to start their own labels and build relationships with Distribution partners is becoming more and more accessible. What makes you think your artists won’t do what we did and just start their own label?

Externally its always nice to know that people are “buying” your music and not stealing it. I have downloaded my share of music before, but mainly stuff you can’t find in digital formats. Bah excuses. Since I’ve begun the label process I’ve changed and I hope our fans plan to do the same. We will be offering new formats and interesting ways to get their attention you can believe that.

As Cherriep, will you be a prominent artist on the roster? Separate from the Philthkids I mean. I don’t think so. Cherriep stuff will be handled outside of the “Philth” moniker. Every once and a while I’m sure a track will come around, but Cherriep is my solo stuff and I hope to use it to branch out. It’s very important to keep your options open as an artist as things change over night. One minute your seeing some success from Juke, the next minute everybody’s into Trap. One day you wake up and Trinidad James is amazing. So assume formlessness and just go with the flow.

How does Cherrie P differ from the Philkids?
Cherriep doesn’t require any kind of approval from anybody. It allows me to do whatever I want — whereas with Philthkids there are protocols and stylistic requirements for me to meet as a producer. The subject matter is a lot more sexual and freaky and the tempo is slowed down a bit. The Cherriep thing is really an outlet for me to be a creep and just fuck with peeps in the worst ways. Cherriep the Creep as a character came about while doing the Aufect Radio thing. I use this moniker for hosting the show, every Sunday from 5-7 on with Dj Cure and special guests. Here’s the latest archive. link —

Describe Cherrie P in three words or less.

Creepy… yet Intriguing

Aight, that’s all I gots fur yuh. Feel free to add and last minute addys now.
We plan to bring Canada some of the rawest forms of music from around the world. We want to know what you think about that. Feel free to post, comment or interact with us online. We’re very approachable…well I’m very approachable. Ghostwhip is kind of a wierdo and Choones never leaves his house — He wears slippers to the market. If your ever in Nelson just stand at the corner of Ward and Baker and open a can of Old Milwaukee, they’ll be there faster than you could say “Hobo Space Wagon.”

If you want to buy music direct from us for a cheeper price go to ….

If you want to connect with us on FB go to…

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Check out our website at…

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