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Future Classics Mix vol 78 | Mixed by Duncan Gerow

Back when Soundcloud was in it’s heyday mash up artist Duncan Gerow’s
catalog flourished and reached audiences all over the world. The meld of
you’re favourite Soundcloud artist and favourite mainstream heavyweight’s
was perfect to cross pollinate fans into one another’s world of music.

Since the big labels came down on the platform Duncan Gerow has been making
account after account dodging the copy-write police. Leaving fans chasing
his name through the search bar time and again..

Get into this one hour mix featuring the mashes so many of us have been
chasing all this time. Free download available for the masses.

Duncan Gerow – Facebook | Instagram | Sooundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Drake + Stwo = Trust Issues – Duncan Gerow

One of the many victims of the big three’s intervention into Soundcloud was everyone’s favourite masher, Duncan Gerow. His account was removed and with it, the massive archive of vibes we all spent so much time with. But that hasn’t’ stopped him, nor has a drastic change in scenery. Relocating from the glacier state, to the craft beer alternative lifestyle state may have only pushed together the beats of our time further into R&B at his hands. All in all, he’s hardly skipped a step. And the music keeps on comin’.

Let’s all give back a lil and do the follow thing. Help rebuild, and in exchange.. DG mashups will keep churning beauties like this deep, teary eyed Drizzy & Stwo.

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Future Classics Collection vol 2


The Future Classics Collection is a project started to further the artists we support in a release based fashion. This, the second instalment to date focus’ on beat makers with Lo-Fi, Bedroom Beat & Dream Beat tendencies. The lineup includes a number of the clouds known alongside up and comers.


Cymbalik (DAMN SON!)
Dream Dior (Chapel Sound)
Kwze (Filthy Children Collective)
Purple Bastard
Death Ledger
Gypsy Mamba (Beat Cinema)
Denzel Sterling

Artwork by Duncan Gerow

Mastered in part by °lhasa

Download via Bandcamp.

Ciara + Esta = Promise

It’s getting to a point where words just do not do justice explaining the output Duncan Gerow. If you start following links you’ll find detailed illustrations, photography and his massive archive of mashes. Ciara + Esta = Promise

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/125940159″ iframe=”true” /]

Duncan Gerow – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Flickr | Tumblr

Missy Elliott & Nicole Wray + Samiyam = Make It Hot

In his latest mash of Missy miss demeanor Elliot with Brainfeeder signed Samiyam, Duncan only reaffirms his ability and unknowably large knowledge of music. Time is all it will take for us to see the artist signed and on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/121320667″ iframe=”true” /]

Duncan Gerow – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

October In Review

fc11 Artwork by Gerardo Lozano (Bvd Pistxl)

Last month yielded amazing content and milestones for Future Classics. This site is on the up and up, with even more big news pears coming up in November. Let’s recap while we’re on the tip of a new month.

Oct 31 Best Festivals for 2014

2014 is fast approaching. It’s time to start thinking about where you will spending your summer. Guest blogger Susan Varano supplied us with a detailed list of summer serenities. Start planning HERE.

Oct 31. HALLOWEEN HYPE W/ Stylust Beats / Pigeon Hole / Scrumb / Max Veilan / Bullet Bill

Few words can actually describe the event due to sheer lack of post show excitement. All those who attended know whats up. All those regular readers of FC know this is the first featured event we have collaborated with. Custom visuals & stage with that lineup!? That’s festival level entertainment at 10% the cost.

View the full photo album HERE.

Oct 28. Homewrecked! Episode 002 | Future Classics Mix vol 10 + DJ Homewrecker Interview

Volume 10 was released alongside curator DJ Homewrecker’s own monthly podcast ‘Homewrecked!’ . The mix itself is all kinds of Future, Bass, Footwork, plus all of what you might expect from one half of The Blunt Sinatras.

The mix also debuted the first instalment of a visual series by Gerardo Lozano (Bvd Pistxl). See the second instalment above.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/117555230″ iframe=”true” /]

Oct 27. 500 Followers on Soundcloud

Not much to say about follower-ships.. Just this: Thanks to each and everyone who is and has been showing love to date. Love yah.

Oct 23. Duncan Gerow Interview & Exclusive Mix

Duncan Gerow put together a more downtime / chill mix than his usual Hip Hop mashups aka is Soundcloud game. It’s been bumpin on Soundcloud since the drop. To boot we may have scooped the first interview him.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/116654703″ iframe=”true” /]

Oct 21. Video Premier: Douster – Violento feat. El Senor Teki Latex

Main Course Records have been a fixture in the Blogshere this year. Three industry savy compadres pumping the internet full of new and free music. We had the opportunity to support.

Duncan Gerow Interview & Exclusive Mix

If your a Soundcloud Hound, someone who invests hours of their day into the site and search for music, you’ve come across Duncan Gerow. He resides in Anchorage Alaska, USA, is a Soundcloud Hound’s wet dream, and makes truly absorbing music. Otherwise, little is know about the prolific artist. In the interview you are about to read we talk, Alaska, music (goals and alike), and the mix he has provided here today. Get to know then be a friend.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/115690416″ iframe=”true” /]

Lead us with an introduction. Who is Duncan Gerow?
I have 2 middle names (a bonus name) and those are them. My name’s Sam. I’m 28, from Anchorage, AK

How’s Alaska living?
It’s a really beautiful place.

I feel like a lot of people (including myself) think that you are snowed in 365 and just make music. Your output is certainly in support of this theory. Can you clarify how much time you spend making music?
Oh tons, Ive been at it for a few years so it really adds up. I definitely do it more now than I used to because its awesome to me that people are liking what I’m putting out. I try to play on an instrument every day though.

How many pairs of mittens do you own?
Zero. Gloves – U need those fingers man

Do you have other interests? I know you are also an illustrator.
Art, hiking, college football, playing music (keys, bass + guitar). I think electric guitar can be the most fun to play but overall I like keys best. Like a nice Rhodes or somethin.

It’s a cliché question, but what inspires you? Creatively in general let’s say.
As far as making blends, hearing a really good beat. Sometimes I’ll think of a certain rapper or singers style that would compliment it – happens a lot while driving. It can also happen the opposite way where I’ll hear an acapella and think of producers that would fit the songs vibe. But in terms of playing original music or just sitting and drawing its way harder to describe. Creatively just in general its inspiring to see how much amazing stuff is out there and so easily accessible.

You feelin any labels lately? / What are your favourite sources for new music?
Brainfeeder is my shit. Soulection, HW&W, Stones Throw, TDE, WeDidIt.
+ sources definitely soundcloud, bandcamp, other artists’ mixes. Kutmah’s sketchbook radio show always has tons of good new stuff. I love NTS radio and Dublab.

Seems like you’ve been getting good attentions from good people (Soulection, looking at you). Have you been getting offers that you can speak of?
It’s been great. Nothing too crazy, a few “if you’re ever down here come play a set” type things. But I’m collaborating with some super talented people from all over the world on music projects which is the best part. Stay tuned.

What are your future goals with your music?
Im working on a bandcamp EP of original stuff. Trying to set up some dates on the west coast next year DJing and ultimately I want to do a hip hop/ r&b live instruments kind of thing, where we play originals and covers. It’s crazy fun playing with a band.

What’s the band called and who’s innit with you?
No set band or anything but I know people who play. Just as a future goal I mean.

What west coast cities would you like to hit?
Def Portland, the Bay Area, maybe LA or Seattle.

Tell us about the mix you have provided.
Different from other stuff I have up. More atmospheric / zone-out kind of thing from some really phenomenal artists.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/116654703″ iframe=”true” /]

Untitled Mix Track List:
1. Shlohmo – Empty Pools
2. Odd Nodsam – Cities In The Sky Remix
3. Shlohmo – Shapes In The Dark
4. Dasman – Kabool
5. Pink Priest – Tell Me Something Awesome Before I Go To Sleep (Balam Acab Remix)
6. Jonny Greenwood- 時の洗礼を受けていないものを読むな
7. Ages – Lacking In Perseverance
8. Golden Hits – Peaches
9. Kouta – Branches (Lotide remix)

Duncan Gerow – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


Miguel + Evil Needle = Do You

artworks-000047228248-2cvmo6-original Another DG Mash to lay ur bb to. Miguel on top, Evil Needle under. Do you like drugs?
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/90794842″ iframe=”true” /]

Outkast + J.Dilla = Jazzy Belle

artworks-000046173338-l68v4c-original My word, Duncan Gerow is on some kind Alaskan mountain peak level. Well elevated. I well wonder if is vision is some sort of all sight seeing mash up vision.
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/89054617″ iframe=”true” /]