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100s – IVRY

Swavey, hair manicured 100s signed on with the exact right label. Fools Gold Records has been on the forefront of new Rap since it’s beginning. A-Traks own personal beginning of course shaping the labels Hip Hop involvement, and it’s all been choice. Cool Kids, Danny Brown, Just Blaze, Kid Kudi, Kid Sister and Lil B are all currently on the roster, and influences of the genre on this and the last generation. ‘IVRY’ is said to bring West Coast Rap back to the future.. It does just this. One through eight take Club Rap into a whole new element, all too freshly. ‘Fucking Around’ & ‘A Different Kind of Love’ feat. Cherub are huge standouts. Plus it’s all free.

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100s – Closer feat. Mondre & Nacho Picasso (Blue Sky Black Death Remix)

This internet got me bitch’s and exposure.
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100s – Ice Cold Perm

I like rap. Rap is nice. I like 100s’. 100’s is nice. Land of the lace is a standout amongst others.
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Video: 100s – Brick $ell Phone

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Romie and Juliet had sex.

Video: 100s – Slow Drip

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhRuFhcfTK8&w=560&h=315]

Cocaine is such an ever prevalent thing that everyone should know just by reading the title what slow drips means.

Artist: 100s / @ihate100s | Director: Chito Floriano / @HBKCHITO
From the album ICE COLD PERM produced by @Joe_Wax out now http://dreamcollabo.bandcamp.com/album/ice-cold-perm-2 @dreamcollabo