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Gamera X Flue – Book of the Dead

artworks-000045459008-njncis-original Riding a cool breeze of that Gamera #SpiritWave shit.
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Dig Metropolis – KING$CHMBR feat. Killa Dro (prod. Gamera)

574622_593374687358339_1648827789_n For months now Gamera, AKA GMRA, has been one of those artists you don’t even tell your friends about to me. Now, today, the shroud of secrecy that has been my dope track drop, is unveiled. This producer, graphic designer and master of the spirit wave has earned rays of light in his direction. Peep his latest.
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My Robot Ears #74

Hard to tell any of this is fresh out the freezer really. Hip hop mainly today. Enjoy the freeizms fool.

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DMB – Lunch Box

When people talk about Myspace it’s good. Ima eat her box.
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