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My Robot Ears #74

Hard to tell any of this is fresh out the freezer really. Hip hop mainly today. Enjoy the freeizms fool.

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A Moment For: NanosauR

Artist Bio ::
NanosauR is the moniker of 24 year-old artist/producer Michael Solorzano.
Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, NanosauR (Chippy Nonstop, Lil B, Dev).

With washed out sunsoaked reverberated vocals layered over uptempo electronic and chillwave sounds, NanosauR brings a much-needed freshness to the saturated world of electronic music and its popular indie subgenres.

Solorzano is already having a big year in 2012 highlighted by the release of his new album Afterglow. Crafted over a 10-month period, Afterglow is 16-track electronic journey made in the vein of romance and late night parties with the people who mean the most. He has already released three videos from the new album for “Gold Coast,” “Move Your Feet,” and “This Can’t Be.”

So far this year has been fruitful with Nanosaur preforming a number of live shows this spring including opening slots for national acts Gold Panda, Zion I, Tokimonsta, Teams, Yalls, and performances at this year’s Noise Pop Music Festival and Noisette Music and Food Festival.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/61910277″ iframe=”true” /]
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